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Call for participation
Sagasnet workshop on
Developing Narrative Games/ On-line Worlds
Headed by: Ernest Adams______Guest Speaker: Jessica Mulligan

March 31 2006 - April 06 2006, Academy for TV and Film, Munich. Germany

In this intensive five-day workshop, the participants will work both alone
and in teams to develop a design treatment for a narrative game/an online
world. They will begin by studying the fundamental principles of computer
game design, and then go on to explore the relationship between
interactivity and narrative - in single player games as well as in online
There will be a few lectures, but most of the activities will be fully
hands-on, involving brainstorming, discussion, and presentations from the
participants to the group.

BIO__Ernest Adams
Ernest Adams is a game designer, writer and teacher, working as part of the
International Hobo design consortium. Adams graduated from Stanford
University (California, USA) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy in
1986. Initially, he worked as a software engineer in the electronics
industry, but switched to game development in 1989, joining a company called
Interactive Productions (later P.F.Magic). There he wrote the PC client for
an early America Online game, RabbitJack's Casino. He also did the
programming for Third Degree, a multi-player party game for the short-lived
CD-I player. Moving to Electronic Arts in 1992, Adams became a game
designer. He designed the first-ever CD-ROM edition of John Madden Football,
for the 3DO Multiplayer. For the next several years he served as the
audio/video producer for the Madden series, and under his guidance
Electronic Arts perfected the technique of assembling sentences from audio
fragments to produce seamless play-by-play commentary. During this period
Adams also helped to produce the Game Developers' Conference and founded the
International Game Developers' Association, the first worldwide professional
society for game developers. In 1999, Adams moved to Great Britain to become
a lead designer at Bullfrog Productions, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts.
There he worked on two prototype projects, Genesis: The Hand of God and
Dungeon Keeper 3. In 2000 Adams left Bullfrog to become a design consultant,
joining the International Hobo consortium. He has worked for both large
industry publishers such as THQ and Ubisoft, and smaller clients with
special projects, including the Guinness Book of World Records and Zoo
Atlanta. He writes a regular column on game design called "The Designer's
Notebook" for the Gamasutra developers' webzine, and has coauthored a book
on the subject, Andrew Rollings and Ernest Adams on Game Design. He has also
written a second book Break Into the Game Industry: How to Get a Job Making
Video Games. Adams lectures frequently at colleges, art festivals, and game
conferences, and conducts game design workshops around the world. His
professional web site is at www.designersnotebook.com.

BIO__Jessica Mulligan
Jessica Mulligan is a 20-year veteran of the online games industry. Recently
as Executive Producer and Creative Director at Turbine Entertainment, she
oversaw the award-winning MMORPG franchise, Asheron's Call. Before Turbine,
Ms. Mulligan held a number of positions within the games industry, including
president of The Themis Group, vice-president of development for Engage
Games Online, director of online services for Interplay Productions, a
director on Ultima Online for Electronic Arts and director of operations at
MM3D, Inc on the Middle Earth Online project. Ms. Mulligan has been involved
in the design, development or management of more than 50 online games,
including a dozen persistent worlds. A respected writer on industry issues,
she was the author of the popular "Biting the Hand" column on Skotos.net for
over six years. Her most recent book, "Developing Online Games: An Insider's
Guide," with co-author Bridgette Patrovsky (bridgette at mm3d.com), was
released in the US by New Riders in March 2003 and has since been published
in localized versions worldwide, including Korean and Chinese.
sagasnet is a non-profit vacational training initiative in the frame of the
MEDIA Programme of the European Commission. The workshops are designed in
the first place for European writers, designers, developers, directors,
Participation fee : freelancer EUR 800,00, company delegates EUR 2000,00
There is a limited budget for scholarships available.
For details: www.sagas.de
Best regards,
Brunhild Bushoff

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