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medi at terra 06
international art + technology festival

gaming realities

October 4 - 8, 2006

Athens, Greece



Gaming Realities: the Challenge of Digital Culture Conference

The Conference 'Gaming Realities: the Challenge 
of Digital Culture' focuses on four Subject Areas 
covering a wide range of crucial issues and 
questions concerning Games and their position in 
Digital Culture, studied from the Observers' as 
well as from the Players' point of view: in 
Subject Area Éü the Socio-Political, 
Psychological, Cognitive and Philosophical 
aspects of Game are analysed; in Subject Area B 
the influences of Game in Art and the Game as 
21st century's New Art are studied; in Subject 
Area C Technologies and Techniques that develop 
or are developed by the Game are presented; and 
finally Subject Area D concerns the emergence and 
growth of the New Economy of Games defining its 
impact in Art and Society of the 21st century.

The subject areas that constitute the four basic 
axes of the Conference are described by 
indicative topics around which the speakers are invited to communicate.

A. The borders between Games and Reality
(when Games influence Reality)

a. the World of Game
_ Real Games - Virtual Life
_ Net-Games and Virtual Communities: a utopian space
_ Social and Anti-Social games
_ MUDs and Net-Individualism
_ Game and Communication Utopia
_ Collective and Individual representation of the World through the Game

b. the Identity of the Player - the Identity of the Digital World Citizen
_ The Embodiment and Dis-Embodiment of the Player and the Game
_ Virtual Bodies, Games and Gender
_ What avatars do we choose and what avatars do 
we create (or they create for us)
_ Games and Identity
_ The Essence of Play and the Psychology of the Player

c. Serious Games
_ Game Politics and politic propaganda in Games
_ Simulation and Game environments for learning and training
_ Scientific and Military Games
_ Freedom, Choice and Censorship in Games
_ Games and Cognitive Sciences

B. Game in Art and Art of Game
(Game as 21st century's New Art)

a. Game as a new field for artistic expression
_ Game based artworks
_ Art criticizing Games
_ The Integration of Game in Art
_ The Aesthetics of the New Media and 'art games'
_ 'Commercial' Game as Art

b. Interactive Narratives and Multi-scenarios: the New Storytelling
_ Audiovisual and Narrative aspects of Games
_ Linear and non-linear narratives in art games, and in commercial Games
_ Multi-scenario strategies
_ From image to text and from text to image
_ Responsive Play Environments

c. Game Aesthetics: the emergence of a New Art
_ Game as a New Form of Art and the new Aesthetics of Digital Games
_ Artistic expression through Game
_ Aesthetics of New Interactive Media
_ Aesthetics of Multi-centric Narratives

C. Game Technologies
(Game Evolution through Technology and Technology Evolution through Game)

a. History and Evolution of Game Technologies
_ Game and 'traditional' audiovisual media
_ From 2D to 3D Game
_ Mobile gaming: mobile phones and the evolution of Games
_ Artificial Intelligence Techniques and Intelligent Games
_ Integration of New Technologies in Game
_ New Technologies development for Game

b. 'Building' a Game: Design and Game Development
_ From conception to production
_ Creating a Game scenario: narrative techniques for multimedia/hypermedia
_ Aesthetics and Techniques for the creation of Virtual Worlds
_ 3D Game in the Web
_ Architecture and Game Design
_ 'Serious' gam es techniques
_ Sound and Graphics in Game
_ Designing the Interface: the contact with the Player
_ Games dramaturgy
_ Designing virtual actors

c. Game-Engines VS PC
_ Evolution of Game-Engines
_ Game-Engines and PC evolution
_ The Future of Game-Engines

d. Innovative and Experimental Game Techniques, Technologies and Interfaces
_ Innovative interactive techniques for Games
_ Innovative and Experimental Game Interfaces
_ Special programs, software and programming for Games
_ New audiovisual techniques and original applications in Games
_ Original Game Design
_ Original use of the New Media in Games

D. the Real Virtual Economy of Games

a. the emergence of a New Economy
_ Net-Economy and Games
_ The relation of the Games with the Cinema Industry
_ Virtual and Real Game Products

b. the Geography of the Game Economy
_ Games and New Markets
_ Games in the East and the West
_ the New Internet Geography and the Game Markets

c. the Future of the Game Economy
_ Virtual Commerce and its Future
_ The Future of the Game as a Product
_ Legislation, Rights and Copyrights in Web-Games

Important Dates [updated]
Participation deadline (abstract submission): March 24, 2006
Notification of acceptance by the Scientific Committee: May 22, 2006
Deadline for full paper submission (3500-5000 words): June 26, 2006

PLEASE VISIT <http://www.mediaterra.org/>www.mediaterra.org


Organizing Committee

Dodo Santorineos, Director of Fournos Center and medi at terra Festival
Manthos Santorineos, Artistic Director of Fournos 
Center and medi at terra Festival, Assistant 
Professor in the Athens School of Fine Arts
Daphne Dragona, Programme Curator & Coordinator 
of medi at terra Festival, Coordinator of Fournos Center, Museologist
Nefeli Dimitriadi, Researcher and New Media Artist
Maria Roussou, Researcher, makebelieve experience design and consulting
Nikos Bubaris, Lecturer, Dpt. ÉÕf Cultural 
Technology and Communication, University of the Aegean
Dr. Dimitris Charitos, Lecturer, Dpt of 
Communication and Media Studies National and Kapodistrian university of Athens
Dimitris Delinikolas, New Media Artist, Filmmaker
Panagiotis Delinikolas, New Media Musician, MMORPG-OD
Fotis Hadginikos, Ph.D Computer Science, Programmer
Yiannis Konstantinou, New Media Artist
Maria Pesli, New Media Artist
Alexandros Spiropoulos, Researcher, New Media 
artist, Member of the Personal Cinema collective
Panagiotis Stathopoulos, Ph.D Computer Engineer
Konstantinos Tiligadis, New Media Artist
Stavroula Zoi, Ph.D Informatics, Research & 
Teaching Associate at the Athens School of Fine Arts

Programme Committee

Prof Espen Aarseth, Associate Professor and 
Principal Researcher at the Center for Computer 
Games Research at the IT-University of 
Copenhagen, Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Gamestudies.org
Dr Dimitris Charitos, Lecturer, Dpt of 
Communication and Media Studies National and Kapodi strian university of Athens
Prof Adrian David Cheok, Director of the Mixed 
Reality Lab, Nanyang Technological University in 
Singapore, Associate Professor in the Schools of 
Computer Engineering and Art, Design, and Media
Julian Dibbell, Contributing editor, Wired 
magazine, Author, 'My Tiny Life: Crime and Passion in a Virtual World'
Gonzalo Frasca, Academic and Professional Game 
Designer, Editor of 
<http://www.ludology.org>www.ludology.org, and 
co-editor of 
PhD programme in the Computer Game Research at the IT University of Copenhagen
Dr Kenji Ito, Research Associate, Research Center 
for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo, Japan
Prof Jesper Juul, Assistant Professor in the 
Center of Computer Games Research at the IT - 
University of Copenhagen, Game designer, Editor 
of <http://www.gamestudies.org>www.gamestudies.org
Prof John Kontos, Professor of Artificial 
Intelligence at the Department of Methodology, 
History and Theory of Science, University of Athens
Kristian Lukic, Writer, artist, cultural and game 
researcher, Founder of Eastwood - Real Time Strategy Group
Dr Frans Mayra, DIGRA president, Research 
Director, Hypermedia Laboratory, University of Tampere
Julian Oliver, Free-software developer, composer 
and media-theorist. Founder of <http://www.selectparks.net>www.selectparks.net
Prof Zhigeng Pan, Acting Director of the Digital 
Entertainment and Animation Research Cener, Zhejiang Univ., China
Prof Narcis Pares, Assistant professor of the 
Technology Department of the Universitat Pompeu 
Fabra, Researcher in the group for 
Experimentation on Interactive Communication of 
the Audio-visual Institute at the UPF
Maria Roussou, Researcher, Co-Founder of 
makebelieve experience design and consulting.
Manthos Santorineos, Artistic Director of Fournos 
Center and medi at terra Festival, Assistant 
Professor in the Athens School of Fine Arts
Dr Christa Sommerer, New media artist, Professor 
for Interface Culture, Institute for Media, 
University of Art and Design Linz, International 
Co-editor of the Leonardo Journal
Eddo Stern, New Media Artist, Game designer, Founder of C-Level
David Surman, Lecturer in Computer Games Design 
at the Newport School of Art, Media and Design, 
Co-editor of Games and Culture, and Animation: an Interdisciplinary Journal
Eric Zimmerman, Game Designer, CEO and Co-Founder of gameLab

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