[artinfo] You'll Never Walk Alone, Football and Fan Culture

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You'll Never Walk Alone
Football and Fan Culture

9 June - 9 July 2006

O.K Centre for Contemporary Art
Dametzstraße 30
4020 Linz, Austria
office at ok-centrum.at
http://www.ok-centrum.at> http://www.ok-centrum.at

Starting June 9th there will be excitement and 
prayers, tears and shouts of jubilation, fist 
fights and dancing, racist jibes and anti-racist 
agitation: The World Cup inflames the passions of 
millions. The O.K Center for Contemporary Art 
traces the enormous emotional impact of fandom 
and positions art, film, documentation, the 
self-aestheticization of fans and fan commerce in 
a highly charged relationship.

You‘ll never walk alone - the exhibition named 
after the legendary battle hymn from Liverpool 
additionally seeks to reconstruct changes in the 
concept of fans through a reflection on the space 
of the stadium: from the everyday cultural 
rituals of the crowd, through hooligan branding 
and all the way to domestication in the 
"disneyfied" and rigidly monitored entertainment 
arenas of the present.

Stephen Dean FR/US, Josef Dabernig /AT, Wolfgang 
Dorninger /AT, Massimo Furlan /CH, Julie Henry 
/GB, Jamie Holman /UK, Peter Hörmanseder /AT, 
Kurt Lackner /AT, Peter Mörtenböck & Helge 
Mooshammer /AT, Antoni Muntadas /ES, Barbara 
Musil & Gunda Wiesner /AT, Antonio Ortega /ES

Local-Bühne Freistadt: Gustavo Artigas /MX, 
Roderick Buchanan / UK, Ingeborg Lüscher /DE, 
Paul Pfeifer /US

Lebzelterhaus, Vöcklabruck: Chris Müller /AT and 
Franzobel /AT, Mario Sinnhofer /AT, Gerd Trautner 

Gallery of the City of Wels: Ol /DE, Burghardt 
Fritsche /DE, G.R.A.M. /AT, Sasha Pirker & Thomas 
Hamann /ATObjects an photographs from "Progetto 
Ultra", IT fan archive, Gerd Dembowski

Objects an photographs from "Progetto Ultra", IT fan archive, Gerd Dembowski

’s /DE and Dieter Brasch’s /AT private archives 
and Claude Pascal‘s /CH record collection.

Curators: Thomas Edlinger & Martin Sturm

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