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Petra Gratzl
Center for Image Science, Danube University Krems
Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Str. 30, A-3500 Krems
Tel: +43(0)2732.893.2542
Fax: +43(0)2732.893.4550
petra.gratzl at donau-uni.ac.at
http://www.donau-uni.ac.at/cis> http://www.donau-uni.ac.at/cis
Master in MediaArtHistories (English)
Master in Photography (German)
http://www.donau-uni.ac.at/fotografie> http://www.donau-uni.ac.at/fotografie
Master in Image Management (German)

First worldwide Master Program in MediaArtHistories -
International Image Studies parallel to your full-time career

The Center for Images Science/Department for 
Applied Cultural Studies of Danube University 
Krems will be introducing in November 2006 a 
unique study program dealing with questions of 
visual history, representation and medial 

Master in MediaArtHistories
The MediaArtHistories masters program offered in 
English language conveys the most important 
developments of contemporary art through a 
network of renowned international theorists, 
artists and curators like Steve Dietz, Erkki 
Huhtamo, Lev Manovich, Christiane Paul, Jens 
Hauser, Paul Sermon, Oliver Grau and many others. 
This international network, interconnected with 
Krems and its University will significantly 
enliven the one-of-a-kind scientific 
infrastructure composed at Danube University 
Krems by the possibility to use the art 
historical collections of the monastery Göttweig 
and the new databases 

At no other place in the world nowadays are media 
students given the opportunity to study all image 
media and the history of images surrounded by 
originals. Key competencies conveyed also include 
issues of digital archiving, long time 
preservation of collections, conservation, new 
strategies of media storage and distribution plus 
granting an ideal combination of traditional 
knowledge and advanced technology.

Using online databases and other modern aids, 
knowledge of computer animation, net art, 
interactive, telematic and genetic art as well as 
the most recent reflections on nano art, CAVE 
installations, augmented reality and wearables 
are introduced. Artists and programmers give new 
insights into the latest software and interface 
developments. “Historical derivations that go far 
back into art and media history” says Grau “are 
tied in intriguing ways to digital art”. Thus the 
Center offers further master courses in the 
history of photography, iconography and image 

Setting, Location and Technical Facilities
The Center for Image Science (CIS) is situated in 
the beautiful landscape of the Wachau, Austria — 
a UNESCO World Heritage Site — in the Göttweig 
Monastary. The idyllic surroundings, home to 
first-class wines and food, with a rich and wide 
variety of cultural events, plus facilities for a 
wide range of sports, all offer students the 
highest quality of life.

Additional resources for students’ use:
- The Göttweig Monastery’s collection of graphic 
reproductions, which comprises ca. 30,000 prints.
- The Database for Virtual Art 
the largest archive of digital art.
- The specialist library for European art 
history, which contains ca. 21,000 volumes.
- The Text and Video Database on media art 
- The collection of images and slides with ca. 
130,000 original records of European art history.

Course Structure
All courses offered at the Center for Image 
Science allow parallel full-time employment. 
Individual supervision in small groups creates an 
ideal study situation. The courses are structured 
in modules and can be combined individually. 
Weekly blocks of modules, which combine theory 
and praxis, facilitate the acquisition of 
integrated knowledge and are supplemented through 
competent supervision outside the on-site phases 
through e-learning units.

Valuable Experience for future oriented tasks
In almost every field practical and theoretical 
knowledge about how images originate, function, 
are exploited, their history and their effects is 
an essential prerequisite for acquiring image 
competence in the digital age. The educational 
programs at Danube University Krems offer an 
ideal possibility to gain valuable experience and 
knowledge in order to face future challenges in 
the art, cultural and media sector.

For current information on the course program, 
visit< http://www.donau-uni.ac.st/cis> 
Applications are possible until September 15th 2006.

News and information about the Center for Image 
Science, scholarships and events can be found in 
our electronic newsletter.< 

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