[artinfo] Umelec - Swiss Issue

Dimitrina Sevova sevo at kein.org
Tue Aug 29 08:51:27 CEST 2006

I am pleased to call to your attention the "Swiss 
Issue" of Umelec <http://www.divus.cz/umelec/>, 
available (in German, English and Czech, 
depending on the region) from the newsstands of a 
select number of specialized bookshops and venues 
across Europe (in Zurich, you'll find it at 
Kunstgriff). If you cannot wait till you hold it 
in your hands, feel free to "leaf" through the 
English edition online 

You will also find there my own contribution to 
this issue, "Sparks from the Interaction between 
Art and Politics in Zurich" 

See below the official announcement by the Swiss editor, Oliver Kielmayer.


Dimitrina Sevova
*code flow*

The international art magazine UMELEC is 
announcing its current number which is dedicated 
to the Swiss art scene. This is the initial step 
of an expansion to Switzerland.

UMELEC (means 'artist') was first published 1997 
in Czech language by Divus publications in 
Prague. Since 2000 it is available in English and 
since 2004 also in German. The current number 
offers 40 pages about the contemporary Swiss art 
scene with articles by Alena Boika, Christoph 
Doswald, Beate Engel, Thomas Hämmerli, Oliver 
Kielmayer, Kunstfly, Burkhard Meltzer, Annemarie 
Reichen, Marion Ronca, Simone Schardt and 
Dimitrina Sevova.

In Switzerland, Umelec is currently available at:
Buchhandlung Kunstgriff, Zürich
Kunsthalle, Winterthur
Fri-Art, Fribourg

For subscriptions:
Petra Schläpfer, petra.schlaepfer at hispeed.ch

Editor Switzerland:
Oliver Kielmayer, kielmayer at gmx.net

If you wish a copy of the magazine, do not 
hesitate to contact Mrs Schläpfer or Mr Kielmayer

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