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   critique | kritik | crítica

   To the extent that it does not withdraw to the balconies of academic
   theory or the bunkers of art criticism, critique is not simply a
   practice of judging. The meanings of critique, developed over the
   course of centuries, as a faculty of distinction, a critical attitude,
   or as a practical critical activity are assuming new forms today: as
   atopical critique, embodied critique, affirmative critique,
   criticality. The texts of the current transversal issue seek to update
   this kind of constant renewal of critique on the basis of shifted or
   newly invented concepts and exemplary experiences.


   Judith Butler: What is Critique? An Essay on Foucault's Virtue
   Alex Demirovic: On the Re-Formation of Critical Knowledge
   Marina Garcés: To Embody Critique
   Hakan Gürses: On the Topography of Critique
   Irit Rogoff: From Criticism to Critique to Criticality / 'Smuggling' -
   An Embodied Criticality
   Loïc Wacquant: Critical Thought as Solvent of Doxa

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