[artinfo] call for projects « Areas of Conflu (x)ence »

Tincuta Parv Tincuta.Parv at malix.univ-paris1.fr
Mon Aug 7 03:27:15 CEST 2006

   Call for projects:

   «Areas of Conflu(x)ence» Project, Luxembourg and Sibiu, October

   In the frame of « Areas of conflu(x)ence » project, organized as a
   double event that will take place in Luxembourg and Sibiu (Romania),
   the two European Capitals of Culture in 2007, Arscenic Association
   launch a call for projects addressed to European artists.

   Through the subject of the landscape, the project will bring together
   works that will prospect the different apprehension modalities offered
   by the new media and digital technologies.

   A large scale of expression's forms is supposed to be accepted: Net
   art, video art, multimedia installations, sound installations, video
   games, performances, long distance interactive devices. A special
   focus will be made on works and devices which will develop an
   interactive relationship between several distant places.

   The project wants to be the convergence point between three areas:
   Luxembourg and Sibiu, as the two physical project's accounts, and the
   Internet web, as its virtual and global side. The works will be
   presented in art conventional spaces, in urban public spaces, as well
   as in the « virtual » area of the Internet.
   The selection will be made on the bias of the artistic and technical
   qualities, as well as on the behalf of the original answer to the
   proposed subject. It will be made by a committee composed by
   representatives of the project's institutional partners, academics and

   The organizers keep on their account the choice of the geographical
   and local set up of the works.


   Submission deadline: 10 th of September 2006.

   Notification of acceptance: January 2007.

   The submissions forms can be complete on line at:
   [1]http://www.arscenic.info/ac2 or, could be requested at the email
   address: [2]ac.call at arscenic.info .


   For any questions or more information concerning the project and the
   exhibition, please contact:

   Tincuta Parv: [3]tinca @arscenic.info

   Quentin Drouet: [4]kent1 @arscenic.info

   Arscenic - [5]http://www.arscenic.info - Arscenic Association has been
   created in 2004 and seeks to promote the digital arts and the new
   productions. « Areas of Conflu(x)ence » is the association's
   second important project after the launch of the multimedia webzine :
   « Sklunk » - [6]http://www.sklunk.net in January 2006.

   Tincuta Parv

   0049 (0)174 2544482


   1. 3D"http://ac.arscenic.info/"
   2. 3D"mailto:ac.call at arscenic.info"
   3. 3D"mailto:tinca at arscenic.info"
   4. 3D"mailto:kent1 at arscenic.info"
   5. 3D"http://www.arscenic.info/"
   6. 3D"http://www.sklunk.net"/

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