[artinfo] Call for short films in-about-around 'SPACE'

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 > Call for short films in-about-around 'SPACE'
 > ELEVEN are a collective of musicians and visual artists dedicated to
 > performing new music in combination with other, particularly visual,
 > media. Aiming to reach a wide audience, ELEVEN performances
 > incorporate
 > a diverse range of music and visual/performance art forms and take
 > place in relaxed, atmospheric venues.
 > We are calling for short films related to the theme of 'space', for
 > screening during our summer performance series (June - September). The
 > selected films will be shown at ELEVEN events at venues throughout the
 > UK, including London, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester and Edinburgh.
 > The
 > mixed programme will also involve live music performances of new works
 > with visual media of various kinds (including film, animation and
 > puppetry)
 > and DJ sets.
 > Films can be anything from 10 seconds to 10 minutes long, and we
 > encourage all bizarre and far-fetched interpretations. Please send
 > your
 > films in DVD format to the following address by the deadline of 31st
 > May:
 > 49 Tressillian Road
 > London SE4 1YG
 > Deadline:       Wednesday 31st May
 > Please do not send originals, and remember to include a SAE if you'd
 > like us to return your work.
 > For more information visit our website (coming soon to
 > http://www.eleven-music.com ) or please get in touch with Arianna
 > or Detta at:
 > Arianna Palin:          mailto:scroggyuk at yahoo.co.uk
 > Detta Danford:          mailto:dettadanford at yahoo.co.uk
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