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Tihany International Postgraduate Program, Tihany, Hungary
Goldsmiths College, London - Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts


TIPP - Tihany International Postgraduate Program 
is an international collaborative research 
initiative between the Visual Arts Department at 
Goldsmiths College, London and the Hungarian 
Academy of Fine Arts. The program includes 
symposiums, intensive courses, conferences, 
artist-in-residencies, exhibitions and other 
events as well as the production of publications. 
Our aim is to create an international forum for 
artists to explore the creative diversity of 
contemporary fine art practice and the nature of 
the critical discourse, which surrounds it.

The courses also provide a chance to have access 
to the experience of the teaching staff from both 
Goldsmiths and the Hungarian Academy in Budapest 
and can serve as an introduction to postgraduate 
study at either institution. The teaching 
techniques we use have been developed by 
Goldsmiths College over the last 18 years and 
exemplify an approach that is deeply critical, 
whilst also being irreverent and playful. The 
courses are ideal for those who are considering 
returning to postgraduate education after a break 
or those who wish to have an intensive period of 
reflection and discussion around their current 
practice. In this sense the teaching is centred 
around the participants' individual needs.

The programs are mainly situated at the newly 
renovated premises of the Hungarian Academy of 
Fine Arts in Tihany, where participants have the 
opportunity to experience art, theory and debate 
away from its usual urban environment. In 
locating TIPP this way, a uniquely open 
atmosphere is created. From experience we have 
found that the opportunity for more relaxed 
social interaction between participants directly 
contributes to freer expression and sharing of 
ideas and a more open forum for debate.

TIPP Academic Board of Curators
Professor Gerard Hemsworth, Director of 
Postgraduate Studies in Fine Art, Goldsmiths 
College, University of London, Professor Brian 
Falconbridge, Associate Head, Sir John Cass 
Department of Arts, Media & Design, London 
Metropolitan University, Professor Ádám Farkas, 
Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Beáta Veszely, 
Director of TIPP

Tihany is a very lively village during the summer 
holidays with first class restaurants, bars and 
cafes all a short walk from TIPP's premises. 
Since the mid sixties it has been a favourite 
holiday location for people from all over Europe. 
It is a peninsula reaching out into Lake Balaton, 
the largest fresh water lake in Central Europe. 
The landscape is volcanic in nature and the main 
industries are forestry, viniculture and tourism. 
Tihany also boasts a long and colourful history; 
it was the burial place of the Hungarian royals 
in the middle ages and is the site of a beautiful 
baroque church that belongs to the Benedictine 
order. The Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts' 
premises where TIPP is based are the original 
agricultural buildings of the monastery. The 
setting is unusually serene and forms part of a 
large nature reserve that is home to many rare 
forms of plant and animal life. The 2000 m2 
grounds of the facility accommodate an array of 
buildings set in fields that roll down to the 
side of a small inland fishing lake, the Belsö 
Tó. The premises of the Hungarian Academy of Fine 
Arts at Tihany were fully renovated in 1998. They 
offer accommodation for forty people during the 
summer and twenty-five during the winter. Most of 
the rooms are double with a few accommodating 
upto four people; all rooms have an on-suite 
bathroom with shower. The complex also has a 
large refectory and kitchen where communal meals 
may be shared. The facility boasts a huge 
medieval open barn that acts as a studio and 
exhibition space during the summer. There are 
also many other buildings that may be used as 
studios and exhibition spaces. Students on the 
programme are encouraged to explore the site and 
make new work in and around it. The facility also 
has a computer room where students have access to 
the internet and a range of software at their 
Address: 8237 Tihany, Major u. 63, Hungary


Course of Study
A course of study for a group of international 
artists, who have already started to move in a 
specific direction within their work and who 
would like to participate in a two-week long 
intensive programme, which is offering the 
opportunity to further develop their working 
practice. The course focuses on helping artists 
to reach a heightened understanding of their work 
in a wider artistic, cultural and theoretical 
context. Our aim is to encourage and develop the 
production of new works, ideas and concepts 
through giving access to a tutorial, seminar and 
workshop programme from an international field of 
teaching staff drawn from Goldsmiths College, 
London, the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, 
Budapest, the Royal Academy, London as well as 
invited internationally renowned artists.

- Seminars
- Tutorials
- Tutorial Reports
- Studio Practice
- Lectures
- Video Nights
- Lake Balaton Excursion
- Weekend in Budapest
- Certificate
- Exhibition

At least basic English is essential.
Please send with your application:
1. Signed and completed application form. Form 
can be downloaded from our web-site (www.mke.hu)
2. 10 slides (35 mm). Number each slide and 
please write your name directly onto the slide 
mount, put a cross in the left bottom corner; 
please do not stick anything onto the slide 
mounts and do not send glass mounts OR 10 digital 
images on a CD, titled and numbered each image.
3.	Statement. Brief description of previous 
work and working practice in maximum 500 words on 
an A4 page typed in English. Please indicate why 
are you applying for the course.
4.	S.A.E. (enclose only if you would like us 
to post your materials back after selection).
Please post your application to TIPP's address 
for Beata Veszely. Please write on the envelope 
'4. TIPP International Course in Contemporary 
Deadline: 8 May 2006

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Total course fee is 
140000 HUF (or 540 Euro or 375 GBP).
HUNGARIAN STUDENTS: Total course fee is 60000 HUF
The total course fee covers all costs and 
includes accommodation and one dinner per day.
Successful applicants will be expected to pay 
their fees in full by the 10 of June 2006.
Participants will be expected to organise their 
own travel and are responsible for their own 
insurance. Materials will not be provided, but 
maybe arranged according to students' specific 
needs at cost price depending on availability.

Director: Beáta Veszely, E-mail: veszelyb at t-online.hu, Tel: +36 30 3986538
Postal Address: 1124 Budapest, Tamási Áron utca 34. Hungary

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