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Adele Eisenstein adele at c3.hu
Wed Sep 21 14:31:10 CEST 2005


Title: Bushwick Art Project:
Theme: Communication and Transformation

The Bushwick Art Projects is currently seeking cutting edge videos
and films dealing with the Theme of Communication and Transformation,
This includes experimental, animation, music-videos to put together
an exciting film program.

Videos should be short under 20 minutes.
All types of independent work is accepted: experimental, documentary,
narrative, non-narrative, animation and music videos.

If you are interested to participate--
Please send an email to the above email address  info at zzee.net
including 2 images of your work, a link to your website and a short text

Deadline is october 15th
SASE required for tape return. Otherwise, all submissions will be
kept for future screening in various venues [under permission]

for viewing copy, please send a URL [most recommended]  / DVD/Minidv
NTSC/ Quick time file burned on a dvd
If chosen you will have to send a miniDV tape as the Final screening


We are currently seeking artists to participate in a one day art
event that will take place in Brooklyn on November 12, 2005

This project will involve multimedia art, installations, performance
art and electronic music. It will be displayed out of a gallery
context and into a "living environment". That is, Viewers see art in
their daily surroundings such as stores, coffee shops, delis and
living environment. As an interactive event, the audience will be
directed through a route that will lead them into a studio-building.
Different lofts within the building, the hallways and other parts of
the building will convert into exhibition space.

The main idea behind this art show is communication and
transformation. Our goal is to deconstruct the boundaries between art
and reality -- art and its daily surroundings. We want to take the
familiar, everyday life, and through art to transform it to a
different world, a different reality. And this would be the world of
visual art, music, sound and dance.

What kind of art we are looking for?

- Interactive art
- Performance artists
- Video art
- Site specific installations
- sound artists
- video dance
- alternative dance, dance- theatre

Any other innovative, interesting art will be welcomed! 

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