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      | TOUCH ME festival - intersections of technology, science and art |
            | ABUSE OF INTELLIGENCE | Zagreb, Croatia | Sept. 8-17, 2005 |
                                      | Container + Multimedia Institute |
                              | Zagreb - Cultural Kapital of Europe 3000 |

The international festival _Touch Me_ presents contemporary art
production  at the intersection of science and technology. Including an
exhibition, performances and a symposium, it will tackle the topic of
Abuse of  Intelligence. This thematic framework arises from the need for
artistic  and cultural analysis of contemporary forms of violence and
systems of  control. Starting from the twofold meaning of "intelligence"
(implying both information and intellection), the project explores the
abuse of information and intelligence, but also the forms of structural
abuse  brought about by the technological organization of contemporary
social  processes - abuses relating to information, telecommunications,
media,  technology, science, the entertainment industry, etc. Alongside
the ethical and political problems of the info-sphere, the festival
explores the abuse and manipulation of techno-scientific discoveries
that disrupt, transform or create the living world and environment. The
festival takes places within Operation:City [www.operacijagrad.org].

| exhibition and performances |

exhibition [opening Sept. 8, at 19:30, opened every day 16:00-21:00]:

+ Joe Davis (US), Molly Ferguson (US), Filip Hiemann (DE) and Thomas
Kaiser (DE): Multi-channel Audiomicroscope, Microorganism Farm,
Listening Libraries, Golden Girl, Car Guitar
+ Marta de Menezes (PT): Nature?
+ NRD Van (TCP/IP): NRD Kit
+ Polona Tratnik (SI): In(threat)timity
+ Sini=B9a Labrovi=E6 (HR): Flock.hr
+ Oliver Kunkel (DE): Mosquitobox
+ William Linn (US): Wargames
+ Ivan Maru=B9i=E6 Klif (HR): Allo, allo
+ Radical Software Group: Black Hawk Down (RSG-BLACK-1)
+ Melville, Pearl, St Jacque, Yona (AU): LifeBoat [opening Sept. 12, at


+ Zoran Todorovi=E6 (SCG) [Sept. 8, at 19:30]
+ Marnix de Nijs (NL): Vibrating Zagreb [Sept. 8, at 21:30]

fashion show:
+ Stahl Stenslie (NO): S.U.F.I. - Suicide Fashion International presents
The Ka-Boom edition [Sept. 16, at 21:00]

| symposium |

Sept 13., day first:

18:00-19:30 - first session:
+ Marie-Luise Angerer (DE): Longing for the Real or: Producing
Resemblance through Sensation
+ Bojana Kunst (SI): Disobedient Connections: On Production of Monstruosi=

19:30-21:00 - second session:
+ Matthew Fuller (UK): Calculation Space
+ Thomas Kaiser (DE): DNAgraphy and Audiomicroscope

Sept. 14, second day

18:00-18:45 - first session:
+ Olivier Razac (FR): Reality TV and Biopolitics (lecture will be in
French with translation)

18:45-21:00 - second session:

+ Jens Hauser (DE): Bios, Techne, Logos: Software and Hardware
Approaches to Bioart
+ Marta de Menezes (PT): On Pipettes and Art Studios: Intersections of
Art and Biology
+ Oron Catts (AU): Victimless Utopia or Victimless Hypocrisy?

Sept. 15, third day


+ Natalie Jeremijenko (US): Silent Observers or Not: Scripting
Reciporocity in Interactive Systems

| contact |

kontejner at mi2.hr
mi2 at mi2.hr


Touch Me festival is a project realized through the collaborative
platform Zagreb - Cultural Kapital of Europe 3000

Zagreb - Cultural Kapital of Europe 3000 takes place in the framework of
projekt relations

projekt relations is a project initiated by the German Federal Cultural




Kontakt. The Arts and Civils Society Program of Erste Bank Group in
Central Europe.
Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia
Zagreb City Office for Culture
FACE Croatia
Instituto Camoes
Student Center in Zagreb
Town of Sinj

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