[artinfo] README 100: Temporary software art factory

olga goriunova og at dxlab.org
Fri Sep 2 17:54:49 CEST 2005

README 100: Temporary software art factory

Readme 100 is glad to announce projects and texts that were chosen by 
the jury to be produced by the temporary software art factory. The 
selected artists/writers will be awarded production grants. The works 
will be presented at the festival that will take place in November 
4-5, 2005 in the State and City Library of Dortmund, Germany. 
Completed works will be honorably published and contextalized at 
Runme.org repository.

Christophe Bruno (FR)
Cosmolalia (article)

Javier Candeira (ES/DE)
Towards a Permanently Temporary Software Art Factory
(Notes for the Sustainability of Software Artifacts) (article)

hackitectura (ES)
Map-o-matix (project)

Sven Koenig (CH/DE)
Appropirate! (project)

Alessandro Ludovico (IT)
Spam, the Economy of Desire (article)

Ilia Malinovsky (RU)
LYCAY - Let Your Code plAY (project)

Leonardo Solaas (AR)
Outsource me! (project)

Yvonne Volkart (CH)
The Political Aspects of Algorithms (article)

Mitchell Whitelaw (AU)
System Stories - A Critical Approach to Software Art (article)

Renate Wieser / Julian Rohrhuber (DE)
The Invisible Hand of the Market (project/article)

...and special guest project:

State Scrounging as Means of Production (project)


Readme 100 temporary software art factory is organized by Readme and 
Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund, Germany.

Readme	http://www.readme.runme.org

Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund	http://www.hmkv.de

Runme.org	http://runme.org

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