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Submission Guidelines for the zemos98 Call for Audiovisual Works [8th 
edition] - Sevilla - Spain

For the 8th consecutive year, zemos98 presents the participation guidelines 
for the competition for short audiovisual works on video. We have prepared 
this shorter and simplified version but we strongly recommend that you 
consult the complete guidelines. We’ve also prepared a short text 
explaining some of the "why’s" behind this call for entries.

deadline: 1st November 2005

1. The zemos98 call for audiovisual works is aimed at short works on VIDEO. 
Works in Spanish will be accepted. Works can be in Spanish or any other 
language, as long as they are subtitled in Spanish or English.

The theme and genre are open. There is no maximum number of works per author.

2. We recommend a maximum duration of 20 minutes for each work, keeping in 
mind that the final prize is the edition of a DVD of the best works.

3. Each work should be submitted on a separate (rewound) tape or disc (PAL 
or NTSC) in any of the following formats: VHS, S-VHS, MINI.DV, DVD, 
SVIDEO-CD, VIDEO-CD. The recommended format is MINI.DV.

4. Participants must complete the online registration form correctly and in 

5. We cannot return submitted materials. All works submitted will be 
included in the videoteca.zemos98 video library, and may be screened for 
non-profit/educational purposes.

6. Works can be submitted by post or courier, or delivered in person, and 
must be received by November 1, 2005.

Works must be sent to the following address:

Universidad Internacional de Andalucía
Monasterio de Santa María de las Cuevas,
c/ Américo Vespucio, 2 Isla de la Cartuja.
41092 Sevilla SPAIN

7. PRIZES. The best works submitted will be screened in the Official 
Section of the Festival. The authors of these works will be invited to 
participate in the 5th Meeting of Audiovisual Creators. The final prize 
will be the editing of a DVD with the most outstanding works in this 
section, with the works being subtitled in English, French and Spanish. 
This DVD will then take part in an international itinerary. There is also a 
prize for the best Latin American work, consisting of a grant for 
accommodation and enrolment fees for the Master of Audiovisual 
Communication that is held every two years at the Universidad Internacional 
de Andalucía facilities in Rábida, in the region of Huelva.


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