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 A tranzit . hu buszutat szervez Pozsonyba a minimax no_001 hang_szoveg_kep

Indulas: 2005. oktober 14. pentek 16 ora, Mucsarnok elol

Erkezes: oktober 15. szombat hajnal 3, Mucsarnok ele

A program INGYENES

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 minimax no_001_sound_Iceland*_** live!*:

*Auxpan** *

minimax no_001_sound_Russia*_** live!*:

*Benzo** *

minimax no_001_sound_Austria*_** live!*:

*The Closing** *

minimax no_001_sound_Austria*_** live!*:

*Alois Huber*

minimax no_001_sound_Ukraine*_ **live!*:

*Infra Red Army** *

minimax no_001_image_Russia*_** live!*:

*Oleg Kornev** *- Benzo_visuals

minimax no_001_text_Slovakia:

*Slavo Krekovic** *

minimax no_001_sound_Russia*_ **live!*:


minimax no_001_text:_Austria:

*Didi Neidhart** *

minimax no_001_sound_text_Slovakia:

*Boris Ondreicka***

minimax no_001_sound_Austria*_** live!*:

*Pomassl** *

minimax no_001_sound_Austria*_** live!*:

*Philipp Quehenberger** *

minimax no_001_sound_Russia*_** live!*:


minimax no_001_text_Slovakia:

*Oliver Rehak***

minimax no_001_image_Slovakia*_** live!*:

*Jan Sicko** *

minimax no_001_sound_Slovakia*_** live!*:

*Brano Spacek***

minimax no_001_sound_Sweden:

*Carl Michael von Hausswolff***

minimax no_001_sound_Ukraine*_** live!*:

*minimax is a conception / realisation of *

*minimax no_001 honestly thanks to*

*Vinanza - Vrabelske vino / Bagls- restaurant / Atelier R*

*and Erste Bank Group*

**ww.laton.at <http://www.laton.at/>


Reykjavik (Iceland). Obsessive music-maverick Elvar Mar Kjartansson aka
Auxpan - this young sound-crafter with knack for creating selfdeveloped
original apparatures, is not so interested in the music itself but much more
in what kind of sounds it is possible to make using his machines. He uses a
few oscillators, old amplifiers and the trashiest imaginabel lo-fi
appliances, parts of his toneproducers and generators he built into the
oddest containers, such as cigarette boxes, pastille or metal biscuit tins,
fitted with dials and switches, combining them with contact microphones or
reprogrammed sound chips from birthday cards. Even his name is a derivative
of his tinkering talent - it is program: Aux(iliary) Pan(el). Techno-savy
Auxpan has created music where sound bytes, rhythmic patterns, field
recordings and words come together to form an experimental DIY sound. The
self-taught tinkerer's groundbreaking sound is part crunching electronica,
part soothing ambient. And he has been building quite a reputation for
himself in diving stages on the international festival scene.


Schaulei/Moscow (Lithuania/Central Russia), Lithuanian experimental
electronic musician and psychologist Richardas Norvila aka Benzo has started
to fiddle around with electronic since the age of 14, finally 1998 he
started the audio-ethnographic project Benzo. He loves the noise of Moscow,
the city where he lives, a combination and influences that hums like a
merciles meat grinder mixing together everything russian, tartar, armenian
and azerbaijani. This all forms the basic for his music which loner Norvila
produces in his studio. He is known as the king collector of original old
synthesizers and electronic instruments from the soviet times as well as
user of handcrafted electronic instruments made by technical specialists.
This combination generates the essence of his highly recommended definition.

 The Closing,

Vienna (Austria) The Closing are the most burning newcomers that strike out
from the Austrian scene at the moment and beside they are one of the most
favourite groups of Anticon's own sole. This shy young trio was set up
around one and a half year ago by the musical heads Lukas Lehner and
Alexander Hengl together with Daniela Auer, responsible for vocals. Their
intention from the beginning was to make music without any borders and
limitations in direction of sound, style and production-techniques under use
of both analogue and digital ways. Based on very free organised soundscapes
and heavily processed tone manipulations hold together by the mostly
dominating beats and precarious rhythms compensed with a variety on vocal
transformations and cascades visceral melodies. Not just in the studio also
on stage The Closing appear as a variable growing bandformat that include
often guests on live drums and guitars, their shows are aided by outlandish
projections. Watch out soon for their their debut releases on new Anticon
sublabel Sixmonth and Laton.

 Alois Huber,

a multiplex workaholic in various parallel genres as an organizer, producer
and social engineer. Ex-member of Sabotage Communications und Craft records.
Austria?s Grand-Master of deep minimal ambient electronica simplicity as
well as creator of mad driven disco turban breaks for the inner- and outer
space has released 6 full length solo albums and did a hand full of
compilation contribution over the last decade on such labels like React,
K7!, Craft, Subetage beside Laton, which he initially founded together with
Pomassl. He played various spectaculare live shows and did several
club-tours all over the globe.

 Infra Red Army

is a project by Dmitry Soroka - Ukrainian musician. He was born in
Mariupol�, a large industrial city on the shore the smallest and warmest sea
in Europe � the Azov Sea. Dmitry finished music school, where he majored in
classical guitar. Then he completed a course in psychology at Kharkiv
National University. For the past 30 years, Dmitry has tried many jobs,
raging from a school psychiatrist, a builder, an interviewer working for
sociological and marketing research centres, to a system engineer with a
large software company. Presently, he lives and works in Kharkiv and has 2
children. Dmitry started to compose music in 1994. From the very beginning,
he did not follow the mainstream. Instead, he was into in �strange� music.
Initially, he tended to stay within acoustic guitar sound, but later his
interests broadened to computer-based electro-acoustics. In spring 2003,
Dmitry met Andrey Kiritchenko, the founder of Nexsound net label. This soon
resulted in the first release of his Infra Red Army project � Black Body
(ns15, 2003). Subsequently, the Infra Red Army tracks were included into
compilations released by Nexsound (Polivox Populy 2 - ns14, 2003) and
Autoplate (The Many Things Worth Living For - apl020, 2004). If you try to
interpret the name of the project as a concept, you may well find all
corresponding connotations in Infra Red Army music: an interest in Infra �
the Inner; the present of the Warmth, as the animal, or better still, live
part of the spectrum; the onward march of what is yet to come from the
outside. At the same time, it is an inner revolution movement, and the Army
of Warmth. The Infra Red Army music is not extreme in its form, but dramatic
and capable of creating almost tangible emotional effects.

 Oleg Kornev,

Yakutia (North-East Russia), born in the Sibirian permafrost regions of
Yakutia during the times of cold war. The originally trained biologist was
an early activist of the moscow music underground scene as a promotor and
producer. During the 80ies organised various legendary pioneering concerts
and events, as well he started to collaborate with the likes of Richardas
Norvila (Benzo), Alexei Borisov (Notchnoi Prospekt), Oleg Kulik or Nicolas
Copernicus. Oleg Kornev currently lives and produces in Paris and Moscow as
a visual artist, who works in the fields of painting, sculpture and video.
He is responsible for the realtime visualisation of Benzo live performances.

 Slavo Krekovic,

Bratislava. He splits his official identity into being an active cultural
producer, musicologist, journalist and musician. Publisher and
editor-in-chief of 3/4 cultural magazine, organiser and curator of yearly
festival of advanced music �Next�, one of the co-founders of the
decentralised new media art festival �Multiplace� and other projects dealing
with innovative artistic practices. He did shows �ExTempore� for Slovak
Radio about experimental music and sound art, has been running A4 � Zero
Space for Contemporary Culture in Bratislava together with other independent
art associations. On Atrakt Art label, he is releasing recordings of
cutting-edge works of the Slovak musicians. Composes and performs music
under the moniker Martin Vysoky.


Murmansk, northwestern Russia, Mombus & Bacillus Orchestra are based in
Murmansk, northwestern Russia, and revolve around the central core of
Mombus, a former member of the cult art-group Strange Breams. In their
recordings and live performances over the last three years, Mombus have used
the sounds of: vargan, balalaika, electric and acoustic guitars, human and
seagull voices, cello, contrabass, Roland XP-10, Roland MC-303, ocean
noises, stuff plopping, Korg MS-2000R, Yamaha DX-200, crab clickings, analog
soviet synth Polyvox, EMU-E5000, analog soviet synth Ritm-2, Reactor &
Absynth Native Instruments, the pages of books turning, scratches of a vinyl
record, sounds of TV, radio and video, insects, beer and champaign hissing
and popping, grass and leafs rustles, phone and radio talks, knocking of
broken hard drive, acoustic drums and bongos, flutes and ocarina, female cat
purr. Mombus releases were tracks on a various artist compilations called
Tell Chaikovsky the News, part 5,6,7 by Exotica rec., Fulldozer Compilation
by Fulldozer rec., Planet Izhevsk by Kama rec., -tie by
experiment.ru<http://experiment.ru/>rec. The songs from Mombus &
Bacillus Orchestra differed greatly. The styles
ranged from experimental, neo-IDM, post-rock to synth-folk, electro-pop,
lounge, etc.

 Didi Neidhart,

Salzburg (Austria). He is a well known unique writer, theorist and musicnerd
from Salzburg. He started writing about music nearly 20 years ago and still
wants more. He is co-editor of the longest living non-profit music-magazine
in Austria �skug� were he writes mainly about music that can be called
�bastard-music�. Like Western-Swing and Afro-Futurism, Punk and Disco,
Industrial and Exotica, Dixieland and Techno, Free Jazz and Electro. Other
interests are queer theories and the writings of people like Jacques Lacan,
Gilles Deleuze, Slavoj Zizek and Judith Butler. He made also several
contributions to catalogues (ARS Electronica, �soundsandfiles�,�Michaela
Meli�n. Triangel�, �Born To Be A Star�) and books (�A Strange World. The
Universe of David Lynch�). Recently he is know for his lectures about film
and cinema dealing with subjects like �Hollywood Surrealism�, �Records and
Movies�, �The Queery Roots Of MTV�, �Matrix Pre-Loaded�, and special aspects
about conceptions of �The Other� in early horror-movies. His latest lectures
were about the connections between machines and the unconsciousness and the
relationships between austrian operettas and hollywood- musicals as
forgotten origins of the 20th century popular culture.

 Boris Ondreicka,

Bratislava. He is an artist and leader of initiative tranzit . sk. In his
projects he is often dealing with text and sound / poetry and music. He has
exhibited his works among all on Manifesta2 in Luxembourg, at Secession and
MUMOK Vienna, Magazin4 in Bregenz, GenerationZ at PS1 NYC, BAK Utrecht,
Kiasma Helsinki, , Kunsthalle Loppem, Kunsthaus Baselland, Stadtgalerie
Bern, Norwich Gallery, Transmission Gallery Glasgow, Palast der Republik in
Berlin, Kjubh Cologne, W139 and De Appel in Amsterdam, SMAK in Ghent and
very recently Venice Biennale and Projekt Migration at Koelnischer
Kunstverein Cologne.


is one of the dazzling figureheads of the cutting edge electronic music
scene. The Austrian based psycho-physio musician, sound and recording
artist, label frontman, and turntablist, counts to the early protagonists
and today�s exploring pioneers of new electronica and future experimental
play. From 1996 up till now, the founding member of Laton has released seven
full-length solo-albums, three vinyl ep�s, did numerous contributions on
labels such as Laton, Raster-Noton, Craft, Mille Plateaux, Ash
International, Nexsound. Uniquely realized thanks to prototypes and
electronic instruments that he developed himself, Pomassl�s current work is
the quintessence of power and astonishment among all the musical genres that
he is explored as an artist up to this point � but reduced to their simplest
parameters. Pomassl is one of the emblematic figures of a sonic pursuit
pushed to the extreme. Fuelled by a reputation for being an unparalleled

 Philipp Quehenberger

was born in the olympic city of Innsbruck, grew up in Tyrol, Seattle and
Newcastle. He discovered his love for electronic music in his father�s
studio and started playing the piano and fooling around with synthesizers.
Played in local bands of various styles, ranging from Death-Metal to Rock.
In 1994 he started performing alone and moved to Vienna, where he kept his
head above water with piano lessons. His old-fashioned equipment didn�t keep
him away from recording two great EPs to date. He often collaborates with
other artists like Ilpo V?is?nen (Pan Sonic), Alexei Borisov (F.R.U.I.T.S.)
or Pomassl. Appeared as a Studiomusican for DJ Hell. Played one of his
powerful unbeatable live-acts of rocking electronica at mostly all big
international festivals of our time like Sonar (Barcelona), Avanto
(Helsinki), Mutek (Montreal), Club Transmediale (Berlin), Dom (Moscow).


Kemerovo (South West Sibiria, Russia) Radius was established in summer 2004
by Sergei Malkin. He was born in Kemerovo in South West Siberia where he
started his career as a professional film-cutter in his hometown. In the
early 90ies, he began to realize various successful musical projects.
Between 1991 and 2002 he released five solo albums under his FIZALIS
imprint. In 1995, the album �Polja tischiny� by NERO was released, a
collaboration with Mikhail Semjonov. Fractal Heads, a formation operated
together with Dmitrij Kravtschuk from Novokuznezk, is Sergei Malkin�s most
well known musical manifestation to date. Beside, as DJ Mutant he is
spinning records in several clubs all over Russia and releasing highly
popular mix-CD�s on his own dancefloor label Mediatone. He consequently and
conceptually uses latest soundgenerating technologies versus old and mostly
primitive free- and self-programmed software, as well as computers of Soviet
fabrics for his ends. Strange micro electronica and melodies with elements
of toy music. Seemingly compositorial infantilism in combination with
musical helplessness and genial dilettantism stays hidden behind serious
titles and highly professional production. Tracks are configured as short
pop songs � musical parts that are intensely influenced by children�s play
patterns. Radius� tonework style is unmistakable, original, excellently
made, experimental, powerful, funky fresh and even Siberian soulful.

 Oliver Rehak,

Bratislava � guitar player, musicologist, journalist, co-founder and editor
of culture magazine �, founder and coordinator of the NEXT � festival of
progressive music, contributor to various Slovak media (Domino forum, SME,
Slovak radio, Hospodarske noviny...), coordinator of Multiplace - festival
of new media and more and A4 Zero Space, all in Bratislava

 Jan Sicko,

Bratislava � graphic designer and multimedia artist, co-founder of club
Spojka and Signall � collective of reasearchers on relation between
audible-visual, vj contributor to various theatre, dance, literature and
music performances, teaches at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in

 Brano Spacek,

Bratislava, Slovakia. He is phenomenous multi-instrumentalist and composer
of extraordinary range. His roots are in rock but always paying attention to
any musical form from jazz and reggae to very intimate electronica. Among
his musical endavour he is well known as a film documentarist and
significant creator of video-clips for various bands from Slovakia, Czech
Republic but USA and others as well. He has cooperated with many individuals
and institutions e.g. Tanz Quartier in Vienna etc.

 Carl Michael von Hausswolff,

Stockholm (Sweden), Swedish frequency war-loard, CM von Hausswolff has
nearly worked over 20 years in this border situations that occur in daily
life and music experience. He blurs the boundaries between traditional
classifications using radios, movement detectors, telephones, surveillance
cameras, sonartechnology and other appliances from the arsenal of equipment
that can be procured by certain (vetted) persons. Interferences,
interruptions and interdependences are various ways of altering conditions.
CM von Hausswolff is also founder together with Leif Elgren, of the
selfproclaimed �The Kingdoms of of Elgaland-Vargaland (KREV)that were found
on 27th may 1992. They encompass all areas of no-mans land, territories
between national boundaries on both land and sea, digital and mental spaces.
Own national anthems, passports, flags, coats of arms and ministers was
produced and set up.


Kiev (Ukraine). Katia Zavoloka is a young vital energic musician and graphic
designer from Kiev, where she started making electronic music in 2000. Her
music is very unusual and challenging from the structural point of view and
sometimes combines electronic sounds with rough unprocessed voices, sung by
common Ukrainian people. The sound of Zavoloka is very impulsive mixture of
rich, dense and often unexpected soundscapes, but at the same time it goes
into warm and nice atmosphere. The way she turned to later sounds like her
compositions shifted towards more abstract and unpredictable kind of music.
The aim is to reach interplay between the electronic context and rough
unprocessed voices that common people sing with. This produces a very
'human' outcome (owing to the spirit that unaffected voices bring), yet
staying electronically saturated, post-sounding and edgy. Zavoloka got an
honorary mention of Ars Electronica 2005 for her debut cd album �Plavyna�, a
split-release by Ukraine Nexsound label of Andrey Kiritchenko and Kotra and

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