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 A tranzit.hu <http://tranzit.hu> buszutat szervez Pozsonyba a minimax
no_001 hang_szoveg_kep partyra.

Indulas: 2005. oktober 14. pentek 16 ora, Mucsarnok elol

Erkezes: oktober 15. szombat hajnal 4, Mucsarnok ele

A program INGYENES

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*minimax no_001*

1 night upfront sound_text_image festival

 minimax is a conception of

*Franz Pomassl*

He`s a sound artist living and working in Jaidhof and Vienna. He finished
his studies at the Institute of electro-acoustic and experimental music at
the University of Music in Vienna (1991), Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, (New
Media, 1995) and the Zokey Daigaku University in Tokio (1996). Currently he
is teaching at the Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien (Sound Studio).


*Boris Ondreicka* born Sept 6 1969, Zlaté Moravce, Slovakia, the artist
lives and works in Bratislava and Bernolakovo

He`s a key figure in the new art scene, especially since he has created an
autonomous arts centre on a boat. He is concerned with the fragmented
presence of reality in the media, and the environment they act upon, as well
as with the search for a critical and political conception of art and the
role of the artist. Boris Ondreicka will be representing his country at the
next Venice Biennial

minimax friday

october 14,



tranzit workshops

studená 12, bratislava, slovakia

 minimax no_001_sound_AUSTRIA:

The Closing / Alois Huber / Franz Pomassl / Philipp Quehenberger

 minimax no_001_sound_ICELAND:

Auxpan / Johann Johannson / Reptilicus

 minimax no_001_sound_RUSSIA:

Benzo / Radius

 minimax no_001_sound_SLOVAKIA:

Milan Adamciak / Brano Spacek

 minimax no_001_sound_SWEDEN:

Carl Michael von Hausswolff

 minimax no_001_sound_UKRAINE:

Infrared Army / Zavoloka

 minimax no_001_text:_AUSTRIA:

Didi Neihart

 minimax no_001_text_SLOVAKIA:

Oliver Rehak / Slavo Krekovic

 minimax no_001_sound_text_SLOVAKIA:

Boris Ondreicka

 minimax no_001_image_SLOVAKIA:

Jan Sicko

 …and more…

 minimax no_001 honestly thanks for support to

VINANZA - Vrabelské vino / BAGLS – restaurant


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