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>From: eipcp <contact at eipcp.net>
>Date: 3 October 2005 7:52:10 PM
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>Subject: 12.10./13.10.05 Linz: TRANSFORM. The future of institutional critique
>TRANSFORM. The future of institutional critique
>12/13 Oct. 2005
>  Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz
>  Ernst-Koref-Promenade 1
>  4020 Linz
>The transnational three-year project TRANSFORM 
>will investigate the relationship between 
>institution and critique along three lines, 
>which are also the theme of the opening workshop 
>at the Lentos Art Museum Linz on 12 and 13 
>October 2005:
>1. The line of art production. Following the two 
>phases of institutional critique in the 1970s 
>and the 1990s, a new phase of critique is 
>emerging, which goes beyond the two earlier 
>phases, particularly as a combination of social 
>critique, institutional critique, and 
>2. The line of art institutions. Here questions 
>will be raised about the development of critical 
>art institutions, against the background of an 
>increasing pressure from repressive or 
>neo-liberal cultural policies. Beyond this, new 
>forms of the organization of critical art 
>institutions are to be reflected on.
>3. The line of the relationship of institution 
>and critique as movement. At this most general 
>level the question of the mutual relationship of 
>institution and social-political movements is to 
>be addressed, and how this relationship can be 
>made productive in the sense of emancipatory 
>  TRANSFORM is a project of the eipcp - European 
>Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies 
>12 Oct. 2005
>13.00-14.30  Gerald Raunig: Transforming the Arts of Governing
>14.45-16.15  Irit Rogoff: Smuggling: An Embodied Criticality
>16.30-18.00  Simon Sheikh: The Trouble With Institutions
>13 Oct. 2005
>13.00-14.30  Hito Steyerl: The Institution of Critique
>14.45-16.15  Sergio Bologna: When the Movement Turns Into an Institution ...?
>16.30-18.00  Boris Buden: Critique Without Crisis, Crisis Without Critique
>  Moderation: Stefan Nowotny
>  panel The Future of Critical Art Institutions
>12 Oct. 2005, 19.00 | Lentos
>The co-organizers of TRANSFORM will discuss the 
>future of critical art institutions from their 
>different local and global backgrounds
>Charles Esche (Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven)
>Solvita Krese (Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, Riga)
>Jorge Ribalta (MACBA, Barcelona)
>Stella Rollig (Lentos, Linz)
>Ulf Wuggenig (Kunstraum of the University of Lüneburg)
>Moderation: Therese Kaufmann (eipcp, Linz/Wien)
>  opening party of the transnational eipcp projects TRANSFORM and translate
>  12 Oct. 2005, 21:30
>Kapuzinerstr. 36
>4020 Linz
>  Faculty for Radical Aesthetics. faculty opening 
>party. netbase, Vienna, 9 Oct 2005
>  In the Place of the Public Sphere | Theorien 
>der Öffentlichkeit, Buchpräsentation und opening 
>party TRANSFORM / translate. Depot, Vienna, 10 
>Oct. 2005
>  The workshop TRANSFORM. The future of 
>institutional critique is realised in 
>cooperation with Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz - 
>The three-year projects TRANSFORM and translate are supported by:
>  European Commission - Culture 2000 programme, 
>KulturLand Oberösterreich, Linz Kultur, Wien 
>Kultur, Bundeskanzleramt:KUNST
>  eipcp - european institute for progressive cultural policies
>  a-1060 vienna, gumpendorfer strasse 63b
>a-4040 linz, harruckerstrasse 7
>contact at eipcp.net

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