[artinfo] VIDALIFE 8.0 New deadline for projects 14 OCTOBER

Jose-Carlos Mariategui jcm at ata.org.pe
Thu Oct 6 00:36:32 CEST 2005

             Concurso Internacional sobre Arte y Vida Artificial
               Art & Artificial Life International Competition

                                VIDA-LIFE 8.0

                           HASTA EL 14 DE OCTUBRE
                              OCTOBER, 14 2005



VIDA 8.0 is the seventh edition of this international competition, created
to reward excellence in artistic creativity in the field of artificial life.

In previous editions, prizes have been awarded to autonomous entities able
to bring us pleasure (Tickle 2.0, Tickle Salon 5.0), engage us in irrational
conversations (Head 3.0) or invade our social space (Cour des Miracles 2.0);
virtual ecologies that evolve with user participation (Autopoiesis 3.0,
Electric Sheep and Remain in Light 4.0), autonomous systems that use the
feedback obtained as a mechanism and metaphor for transformation (Appearance
machine 3.0, Levántate 5.0) and works highlighting the social side of
artificial life (Novus Extinctus 4.0, The Relative Velocity Inscription
Device 5.0, The Central City 6.0 and Spore 7.0).

Other themes are addressed in works that have been given honourable
mentions: avatars and players in their unique worlds (Iconica 2.0, Life
Spacies II and Unconscious Flow 3.0), new interpretations of the roots of
artificial life, such as cellular automatons (Sandlines 3.0, Dadatron 5.0)
and system feedback or autonomy translated into simple familiar media
(Breathe and Autistic-Artistic Machine 4.0, The Responsive Field of Lattice
Archipelogics 5.0).

We are looking for art that reflects the panorama of the possible
interaction between 'synthetic' and organic life, e.g.

- Autonomous agents that shape and perhaps interpret the data-saturated
environment we have in common.
- Portraits of inter-subjectivity or empathy shared between artificial
entities and ourselves.
- Intelligent anthropomorphisation of the datasphere and its inhabitants.
- User-defined exploration and interaction designed to reduce fear and
stimulate interest in the emerging phenomena which, by definition, are
beyond our control.

An international jury will award prizes to the most outstanding projects in
electronic art which use techniques such as digital genetics, autonomous
robotics, recursive chaotic algorithms, knowbots, computer viruses, virtual
ecosystems and avatars.

** Prizes

There is a total of 20,000 in prizes for the three projects selected by  the

First prize: 10,000
Second prize: 7,000
Third prize: 3,000
There will also be special mentions for a further seven projects chosen by
the jury.

** Entry

Each project must be submitted as a 5-10-minute video with voice-over
narration describing the artistic concept and the technological realization
of the project presented. The project must be post-September 2003. The
jury's decision will be based essentially on the video.

Participants must provide a VHS tape (PAL, NTSC or SECAM format) or DVD for
the jury. If your work is awarded a prize or a special mention, you will be
asked to provide a video on professional-quality format (Dvcam, Betacam, ¾”
U-Matic, MiniDV) for inclusion in The Best of VIDA 8.0 .

The competition is open to participants from all over the world; however,
each participant may present only one project.

To register, read the competition rules, complete and sign the application
form and submit it together with the tape to Fundación Telefónica before 30
September 2005.

For the video and the VIDA 8.0 website, we also require the following
(printed and a copy on CD):

- A short biography (150-200 words) of the author(s).
- A description of the concept inspiring the project.
- Technical information about the project.
- One to three images (slides, photos or high-quality scans on CD or the
- A transcription of the video narration.

The application form contains the information required on the material that
must be supplied to register for the competition.

**Production Incentive for productions in Spain, Portugal and Latin America

The second category of the competition promotes the production of pieces
with artificial life and robotics techniques in Spain, Portugal and Latin
America. With prize money totalling 20,000, this category includes prizees
for one to three proposals meeting the following criteria: relevant concept,
proven quality in previous works and evidence of the artist's ability to
produce the piece.

The prize is an incentive for production, not a subsidy to cover the total
expenses of a project. Consequently, value is placed on the participant's
capacity to secure the technical, financial and logistic infrastructure
needed to produce the piece.

Each project must be described in a memorandum contain no more than 2,000
words. The text must include details of the concepts and techniques to be
used to develop the piece. Diagrams, sketches and any other material that
supports the proposal and help the jury understand how the piece works
should be furnished.

The competition is open to participants from anywhere in Latin America,
Spain or Portugal. Proposals may be sent in Spanish, Portuguese or English.
However, each participant may present only one project.

To register, read the competition rules, complete and sign the application
form and send it to Fundación Telefónica before 30 September 2005. The
application form contains the information required on the material required
to register for the competition.

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