[artinfo] The Post-Communist Agoraphobia

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Thu Nov 24 13:50:29 CET 2005

>Piotr Piotrowski's Seminar at Collegium Budapest
>"The Post-Communist Agoraphobia"
>The seminar will take place at Collegium 
>Budapest, Szentharomsag utca 2; Thursday, 
>December 1, 11.00 a.m.
>The recent project of Piotr Piotrowski aims at 
>the study of the relationship between 
>contemporary art and politics in Central and 
>Eastern Europe, i.e. former communist countries, 
>or critical art and "new," and - at the same 
>time -  “incomplete" democracy prevailing in the 
>region. He is particularly interested in the 
>question of any kind of repression and 
>oppression that local art and culture suffer 
>from the new establishment. The project deals 
>mostly with art involved in analyzing the "hot" 
>issues of post-communist politics, such as 
>national identity, the role of religion, the 
>body and gender matter, including the question 
>of sexual minorities, the state and corporate 
>privatization of public space, etc. The general 
>goal of such a study is to reconstruct the 
>geographical diversity of post-1989 Europe, and 
>to show how the region is differentiated, 
>especially because of the diverse political 
>experiences of the past, both pre-war and 
>communist. Finally, Professor Piotrowski would 
>like to create a map of the post-communist 
>condition of European art.

>Prof. Dr. Piotr Piotrowski
>Chair of Art History Department
>Adam Mickiewicz University
>Al. Niepodlegleglosci 4
>PL - 61-874 Poznan POLAND
>tel.& fax. +48.61.8526664;
>e-mail: <mailto:piotrpio at amu.edu.pl>piotrpio at amu.edu.pl
>till January 27, 2006:
>Collegium Budapest
>Szentharomsag utca 2
>H - 1014 Budapest HUNGARY
>tel. +36.1.4577632

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