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Mon Nov 14 15:37:52 CET 2005

   G a ll e r y  M i r o s l a v  K r a lj e v i c


   Beverage of Artists, happening / installation

   Opening: happening & party with the exprerimental beverage

   > Thursday, November 17, 2005, 7-10 pm

   “Maja Rozman's invitation for coffee is not only a form of
   socialisation in which the author ironically comments on gathering at
   exhibitions emerging from our need for company. If we look at Maja
   Rozman's earlier works, in which the young artist takes photographs of
   people, treating them like artefacts in an archive, we learn that the
   author is not primarily interested in criticising that social custom,
   but rather in discovering the personality and the specificity of an
   individual or in attributing personal characteristics to objects
   through their owners who exchange them.

   After the performance of making coffee to the recipes from the
   catalogue, where Maja Rozman fulfils the guests' wishes at the opening
   of the exhibition, during the days after the opening, the author will
   exhibit cups of coffee they drank as a trace of the process of
   consuming the work and the social imprint remaining after the opening.
   Although here we have remnants of a social event, traces - lipstick,
   coffee dregs, spilt or left over coffee - they point at the
   personalised object and the person belonging to it." (from the text by
   Davorka Peric Vucic Sneperger)

   The exhibition is open until November 25, 2005

   Mon - Fri > 10 am-1 pm, 5-7 pm

   Gallery Miroslav Kraljevic

   Subiceva 29

   10000 Zagreb

   tel: +385 1 4592 696

   e-mail: [1]info at miroslav-kraljevic.hr



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