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Anna Kharkina akharkina at mail.ru
Sat Nov 5 23:19:29 CET 2005

   Europe is under construction
   The on-line project of Anna Kharkina
   In the frame of The 3rd International Festival of Young Art
   "Stop! Who is coming?" (curator Daria Pyrkina)
   "Europe" is not only historical and territorial formation. It is an
   ideal. "Europe" with its completed history and perfect architecture is
   an image which exists in our mind. We try to find it in contemporary
   European reality, very often hopelessly.
   Europe is not "a sleeping beauty". It changes all the time.
   There was some moment in the past when new construction began in
   European cities and towns. And, most likely, it will be never
   finished. After one foundation ditch another will be dug out. Hoisting
   cranes become the dominant in the European city landscape. No one
   needs buildings which are built "for ages" anymore. In contemporary
   world buildings and the space around them are changing as quickly as
   social connections and structures are developing. Everything is
   mobile. Everyone should react to constant changes. Construction has
   entered an infinite cycle of renovation.
   The Internet project «Europe is under construction» is the visual
   archive of contemporary European constructions. It is open for all
   users of a network. You can include your photograph with the view of a
   European construction site into this image bank.
   WebLink to the project:

   WebLink to Photo Archive: http://img.ncca.ru
   Please register at http://img.ncca.ru to download your photographs on
   the site.
   You will receive the password with which you can enter working system
   to download your pictures. After pre-moderation they will appear in
   general archive.
   Photographs should be in jpeg, gif, or png format with the decision
   72-96dpi, and no more than 100 KB each.
   For each photo, please, specify:
   1) the city/town and country in which a picture has been taken
   2) month and year when a picture has been taken
   3) your name (or username)

   Thank you for your participation!

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