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Andreas Broeckmann abroeck at transmediale.de
Sat Nov 5 23:37:25 CET 2005


Workshop for six composers/sound artists and six visual artists
collaborating on pieces exploring the interaction between music/sound
art and moving images.

The workshop will take place at Roskilde University and The Museum of
Contemporary Art in Roskilde, Denmark, 22nd to 27th of August 2006.

Curators: Professor Sarat Maharaj, Visual Artist Matthew Buckingham
and Composers Luca Francesconi and Åke Parmerud.

Ideas for a project must be submitted before 15th of December 2005 to
Secretariat for Contemporary Music (SNYK) (see below).

Applicants can be either individual artists or teams (composer/sound
artist + visual artist); individual applicants will eventually be
paired by the group of curators.
Instrumentalists to write for will be participating during the week:
accordion, string trio, clarinet or mixed trio: mezzo-sop.+ guit.,+
perc., electronics.

Further information about the process, technical equipment etc. is
provided at <http://www.interact2006.net>http://www.interact2006.net

Application, CV, project description (incl. CDs, CD-ROMs or DVDs)
must be submitted in 4 copies, and must be able to fit into an A3 envelope.

Fee for participation of 500 Euro (workshop, lectures, exhibitions,
concerts, accommodation etc. included); to be paid only when the
project is accepted.

As a supplement to the practical, creative work, the workshop offers
space for reflection, exchange of experience and mutual inspiration
across the boundaries of the established working relations.

Four art theory lectures are included in the programme, one from each
of the workshop instructors. Of these, Matthew Buckingham will be
exhibiting at the Museum of Contemporary Art during the period.

Besides participating in the workshop activities, the
ensembles/soloists will each present an evening concert. The
intention is that works by Luca Francesconi, Åke Parmerud and the
composers participating in the workshop will be 
included in these concert programmes.

During the workshop participants are encouraged to develop works for
performance/exhibition as part of a Scandinavian tour 2007.

InterAct is an international/Scandinavian project.
The organisation behind hit includes the following partners:
Roskilde University (RUC), Department for Performance-Design:
Professor Olav Harsløf
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde: Director Morten Søndergaard
Sound Around/Øresundsbiennalen 2007: Project manager Jens Brincker
Elektrisk Helg, (SE): Musician, project manager Stefan Östersjö
NOTAM, (NO): Director Jøran Rudi
The Royal Danish Academy of Music: Professor Bent Sørensen
The Malmö Academy of Music: Composition teacher Kent Olofsson
Norwegian Academy of Music: Professor Ivar Frounberg
Danish Composers’ Society: Chairman John Frandsen

The Danish Secretariat for Contemporary Music (SNYK) is providing the
operative facility for the project.
Head of project: Eva Noer Kondrup, composer (DK)

Applications to:
InterAct 2006
c/o SNYK
Gråbrødre Torv 16 st.
DK-1154 Copenhagen K
Att.: Eva Noer Kondrup
Phone: +45 33 93 00 24
Email: info at interact2006.net

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