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Veszely Be ta veszelyb at axelero.hu
Thu May 12 07:35:45 CEST 2005

call for submission

Basement Art Project, a new on-line project space.
www.basementartproject.com (opens 1st July 2005)

We are looking for projects based on web-focused presentation, all kinds of
artistic production are encouraged. The work will be presented as monthly
on-line exhibition.

We are also looking for artists to participate in the possible project in
Amsterdam. Video works and performance are welcome.

Basement Art Project is run by Yu-Chen Wang with many artists and critics
from different countries. The website will be launched on 1st July 2005 with
the first project of Russian- Georgian artist Andro Semeiko's on-line
exhibition. We will regularly (monthly or every 6 weeks) present on-line
projects  with international collaborations and occasionally organise events
and exhibitions in various venues.

possible project:
@ de Rode Bioscoop, Amsterdam (a cinema/ theatre space)

The idea of "sequence" comes from the running order of film or theatre play,
which is about the following of one thing after another. Here, we would like
to explore art related to the issue of performance. It contains performative
and theatrical aspects in questioning on and off stage from various
perspectives, such as Naveriani's performance that socially engages with the
male dominated culture, and Wang's political investigation though out the
touristic journey in the Red Square, Moscow.

With regards to the theme of performance, the exhibition will be held in a
cinema/ theatre space in central Amsterdam. It involves very interesting
phenomena which assembles all sort of emotions, sentimentality, and the
effects of the reality.

In the context of a cinema/ theatre space, there is a clear line to draw on
the object: screen and stage, seats and audience. As well as this, there is
some kind of special engagement of intimacy between each individual, whether
on the stage or sitting next to each other.
key words: stage, performance, acting, episode, scene, narration, when the
curtain falls, clapping...

date: September or October 2005 (one day or weekend event, tbc)

catalogue/ publication:
a creative photo album ( about 20 pictures)
We plan to publish a photo album as a collection of all artists' work.
They will be digitally printed photos put into a classic style family album.
The web page of the event will be posted on www.basementartproject.com

email any idea for monthly exhibition or the event in Amsterdam, jpeg images
and CV to:  basementartproject at yahoo.com

deadline: 5 June 2005

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