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Announcing: "AREA: Chicago Arts. Education. Activism."
A new biannual publication
http://www.counterproductiveindustries.com/area/ (temporary website)

::Please Forward to Anyone who Might Be Interested::
1. What is AREA?
2. Who is AREA for?
3. Call For Submissions : AREA Issue 1

What is AREA?
AREA is a biannual (August/February) publication project initiated by
the Stockyard Institute in spring 2005. AREA's focus is on documenting
the intersections of arts, education, and activist concerns and
practice in the city of Chicago. Chicago is a nexus point where people
pass through and people settle. As a locally focused publication we
aim to identify the influences and activities of people working and
living in Chicago. As a critical publication, AREA will focus on
projects/texts that represent or embody alternatives to the dominant
social and political systems available in Chicago and the world.
Changing conditions in Chicago and the world require new ways of
interacting, communicating, resisting and living. In addition to
gaining a voice within the city to share and speak to each other, we
hope to represent the activities that originate here and share them
with the world.

Who is AREA for? Who should contribute?
AREA should be considered a SHARED space to fuel, debate, refine,
express and implement our collective agenda for a more desirable and
livable Chicago and world. This means that we want involvement from a
diverse range of interested bodies involved in cultural resistance,
youth media, critical pedagogy/education, and all the spaces in
between. Chicago has been a hub for many exciting hybrid events from
activist conferences like Active Resistance (1996) and Color of
Violence (2002) to collective art actions like the Department of Space
and Land Reclamation and annual events like Version Festival and
Louder than  Bomb. Events like this and the groups and individuals who
organize and attend them have generated a lot of material for local
activists concerned with the intersection of culture and politics to
contemplate and respond to. Additionally, there is a particular
concern on the part of many local groups and projects at
self-education and youth empowerment that have taken the form of
alternative schools, youth media projects and discussion groups. With
all of this exciting and vital work happening locally - a project like
AREA aims to be a regular space to work out our ideas.

Call for Submissions
Issue 1 - Out by Late August 2005
Deadline for Proposals : June 20, 2005
Final Deadline: July 15, 2005
Send all questions/concerns/proposals to
c/o Jim Duignan
DePaul University School of Education
2320 N. Kenmore
Chicago, IL 60614

Starting with basic questions, we start to imagine what the first
issue of AREA might look like. Please give us feedback, ideas and get
involved in shaping this project.

What is the contemporary experience of living in Chicago?
Local Stake-holders: Who gets to define culture and who is enabled to
produce it?
How are overall trends of privatization in the City (CTA, CHA,
CPS,etc) connected and how could those links be made more visible?
What kinds of relationships exist or could be stronger in the city
wide constellation of radical culture and education? What links need
to be made that are not being made?

For the most part AREA is seeking content in the form of texts and
special projects that will be developed specifically for AREA and not
reprinting work from other contexts. While we are not ruling any
content out of AREA - it is important that people consider this
publications goal of intersecting arts, activism and education in
Chicago and propose/develop projects and texts that are appropriate
for that framework.

Some ideas for general content that we would like to see included are:
-creative and experimental curriculum's intended to find new ways of
teaching and introducing art and politics in chicago classrooms,
community centers and cultural spaces
-Profile of recent collaborations (testimonials about getting together
and working with other groups from artists and activists in the city 
to highlight unexpected results/experiences
-Reportback from Local Activist activities (getting groups to
transparently outline their actticities so that others can know what
is going on. Focus on successes/failures/group learning and structure)
-collaborative projects that are youth inititated/led. with so many
youth media/arts groups in the city, it may be appropriate to develop
projects that are specific for publication.

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