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»Schiller goes Public«

Artists of the Bauhaus-University Weimar realize 15 artistic interventions in public space in Jena from 23th of June until 22nd of July 2005
Additional: An exhibition at the Kunstverein Jena.

The international Master of Fine Arts Program “Public Art and New Artistic Strategies” was invited by the Kunstverein Jena to realize a project in the public space of Jena in summer 2005. The work to be shown is a result of an intense involvement with the city of Jena and with the literary work of and person of
Friedrich von Schiller. International artists from nine different countries worked side- and situationspecific in Jena. There will be works on the marketplace, in the park, on the Eichplatz as well as the traisntation dealing with Friedrich von Schiller.
The artworks react on Schillers language, his person and his literary work.
The artists use contemporary art languages such as performance, light- and sound-installations, painting and graffiti. The confrontation with art takes place in daily situations like shopping, working out or on the way to work.

The works will be shown temporarily for 4 weeks. An exhibition at the Kunstverein Jena gives an impression on an additional level.

The project has been organized by the Kunstverein Jena in collaboration with Prof. Liz Bachhuber and Susanne Bosch, teachers in the Master of Fine Arts Program »Public Art and New Artistic Strategies«

The participating artists are:
Holger Beisitzer/Germany, Mariela Limerutti/Argentia, Ralph Kistler/ Germany /Spain, Mary Osmundsen/USA, Andrea Theis/ Germany, Vanessa Mayoraz/Swiss, Dusica Drazic Cvetkovic/Serbia Montenegro, Teresa Vida Sanchez/Spain, Randall Anderson/Canada, Maureen Anderson/USA, Peer Oliver Nau/ Germany, Daniela Brasil/Brasil, Carolina Lima/Brasil, Karolina Freino/Poland, D´Orowing/ Germany.

Opening: Thursday, 23. 06. 2005, 19 h at Kunstverein Jena
Finissage: Friday, 22. 07. 2005, 19 h (catalogue release) at Kunstverein Jena

For further informations please contact:
Jirka Reichmann
Tel. ++49 (0) 3643  58 33 92
mfa at gestaltung.uni-weimar.de

The project was supported by:  
Jenoptik / Kunstverein Jena / Sparkasse Jena / Ernst Abbe GmbH / Osmo Color / Thalia Buchhandlung / Henkel - Merima/ Bäckerei Gräfe / Comic Attack/  Lacke und Farben Weimar / Marli-Hoppe-Ritter Kunststiftung / Thüringisches Kultusministerium / Stadt Jena


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