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YOUTH ORGANIZING INSTITUTE (YOI): Community Leadership and Training of Trainers

Call for Participation

On behalf of the University of Bologna Faculty of Law and the Johns Hopkins 
University Bologna Center,
New Media Center_ kuda.org and Student Union of the University of Novi Sad 
we are informing you about our
Youth Organizing Institute (YOI): Community Leadership and Training of 

The program will be held in Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro, from July 
12-22, 2005.

Now entering its fifth year, the 10 days intensive program will attract 50 
students (age 19 - 27) from across South Eastern
Europe. The curriculum will focus on community organizing and conflict 
resolution techniques. You can find out more about
this program at http://www.ccsdd.org/yoi

The deadline to apply is June 7th, 2005 and the direct link for the online 
application is

The YOI focuses on the instruction of Balkan youth, selected based on their 
commitment to remain in their country to work
for social change, in the techniques of dispute resolution, community 
organization, and the effective use of media.
The YOI works to form these youth into a vibrant core group of civil 
society leaders who are capable of leading community
based projects on a range of topics (anti-racism, environmental awareness, 
anti-corruption, and so on). The proposed
summer 2005, Youth Organizing Institute will build off the success of the 
previous four YOI sessions, gathering 50 young
people representing multiple religious, ethnic and political backgrounds, 
as well as renewed international trainers and
lecturers. The YOI will bring these participants together in a workshop 
setting for a ten-day period in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Over the last six months in Serbia and Montenegro, more racist and 
nationalist assaults have been recorded than the total
over the previous five years. In the first six months of 2004 alone, 
official records show 44 ethnically motivated assaults,
as well as 13 fights and 17 assaults on Roma people. The total number of 
incidents has increased, and it is believed that
the perpetrators of most of these violent actions are young people, who 
have been forced to grow up in a time of social
unrest and insecurity. In light of this, it is important to note that 70% 
of the student population in Serbia and Montenegro
never traveled abroad.

Therefore, this year Youth Organizing Institute will be focused on the 
following themes:

1) Anti-racism work - anti-exclusion, inclusion of and respect for 
minorities, coalition building
2) Leadership development - personal skills and styles, conflict resolution 
/ mediation
3) Community organizing - asset based community development - know your 
context, identify and tap your strengths, find allies, broaden your base, 
go to scale
4) Project development, how and where to start, how to plan and execute 
specific projects
5) Using the media, and alternative communication tools (Internet, video, 
6) Resource development, fundraising, finding partners / allies

All the participants will have food and accommodation covered by YOI.
Participants are expected to finance their travel expenses (although there 
are exceptions to this rule).
Also, students that have applied to the "Youth Organizing Institute" will 
be contacted and informed about results
of the selection.

If possible, please post our event on your website or forward this email if 
you know someone who would be interested in applying.


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