[artinfo] Turquoise Bag in a Tree

hilary jack hilaryjack1 at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 9 12:05:04 CEST 2005

  Turquoise carrier bags are essentially an urban phenomenon, closely 
linked to the city and its consumer culture. Used once they are 
frequently deemed functionless and discarded as waste, becoming 
ubiquitous remnants of urban man's modern way of life. Some bags 
escape their fate as rubbish only to get caught trees. Urban trees 
and shrubbery planted at the whim of an architect or urban planner 
become a magnet for urban detritus, turquoise bags being the most 
visible. As a reminder of our consumer culture the bags hang there 
melancholically, taking years to decay, and acting as an absurd 
memorial to our excesses.



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