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Subject: Be a reviewer for Furtherfield.
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Date:    Thu, January 20, 2005 5:53 pm
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Be a reviewer for Furtherfield.

Furtherfield is always interested in collaborating with new writers who 
are actively engaged in discovering and exploring 'Net Art' and 'New 
Media'. We constantly receive submissions from all over the world 
inviting us to feature their work on the site. And we are always trying 
to get them reviewed as soon as possible, and as you can imagine we need 
help in doing this, for we are a D.I.Y group.

As a reviewer you will:

* select works by Furtherfield and write about why it is relevant in a 
contemporary context.
* seek new works that you think should be seen by others on Furtherfield.
* find work and review it for Furtherfield.

What type of reviews are we looking for?

We are interested in people who understand and know net art, software 
art, aspects of 'new media' (if you have a better term please let us 
know), social networks, live net art, psychogeography, real-time art, 
live Internet tv, open source, tactical media, art blogs, activist  games,
hactivism, soft groups (D.IY), relational creativity & its  variants...

We are especially interested in artists/groups who are not yet seen by 
history books, and institutions, although we are happy to have reviews  of
work that is already supported by institutions as well. Although we  are
dedicated in maintaining a balance of representation that supports  people
who need to have their creativity seen on their own terms. The  work
should fit the suggestions put forward above in some way...

If you possess knowledge and enthusiasm for any of these subjects, are 
able to write;-) and are interested in being part of a group that is 
growing daily as an adventurous community, join the reinvention of the 
creative, digitally related vista as we know it.

No  we have no money for this venture, reviews on Furtherfield are 
supported via our collective passions to create a context that is 
critically involved, and supporting those who should get their work  seen,
in context that is communicative and progressive.

Please let me know what you wish to be:

-reviewer/editor (will discuss)
-editor (will discuss)

Please email : marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
web site : http://www.furtherfield.org

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