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Laure Prouvost laure at tank.tv
Tue Jan 4 15:38:34 CET 2005

could you please add this information to your posting, thank you very much, tank.tv

tank.tv call for submission:
As always tank.tv looking for innovative, critical, and unknown positions in moving images. 
After a great 2004 with more than 8 shows on our site, as well as an exhibitin in the ICA.
In 2005 tan.tv will be presenting the Russian Season in the Somerset House on the 15/16th of January. 
Coming up are: shows in France, Germany and Japan + collaborations with innovative organisations and a few unusual screenings will be part of this new year. 
tank.tv has more and more visitors each month, bringing a far larger audience to us than we ever have wished for.
tank.tv invites filmmakers and artists as well as people who for the first time have touch a camera to submit their work. 

Your work is welcome and we will love to look at it / if selected, your work will be showing for two month on tank.tv + possibly get selected for off site tank.tv programs in the year 2005.
Just click on this link: http://tank.tv/submissions.asp
enter your email address and a submission form will be sent to you directely.

tank.tv is an inspirational showcase of contemporary moving images, 
dedicated to exhibiting moving images for free,
 www.tank.tv acts as a plaform for new, 
innovative works in film and video

Moving images from russia now on tank.tv:

tank.tv is very happy to present this month some very special videos coming from far: tank.tv presents a season of hand picked moving images straight out of Russia.

The films selected reveal a diversity of concerns and practices, even though all contain a latent awareness of their recent history. This is perhaps not surprising as history always lends itself to omnipresence, especially when its legacy has induced such a dramatic re-organization of society.  Certainly what this collection of work highlights, is how history will always adopt a myriad of meanings for the people it affects. 

Since the collapse of Communism, the Russian people have had to reposition their Soviet inheritance alongside an increasingly Western values system. This shift has affected all pockets of society, including the art world, and the past decade has seen many aspects of Russian culture being effectively overtaken by an increasingly Anglo-American ideology. This has inspired a kaleidoscopic resurgence of avant-garde practices among different artists in Moscow and St. Petersburg, many of whom are resistant to this tendency and the ideals it legitimises. 

It is not surprising then that the majority of Moving Images from Russia are experimental in tone and have a visceral political subtext. The work of Oleg Kulik is mindful of Marx’s dictum that “man is a social animal that can find individuality only in society”. His performances provocatively challenge the present day relationship between man and animal, and in doing so, touch on the broader themes of dominance and subservience; physical, cultural, and political. The Radek Community are a group of activists with humour. They often use the public as unsuspecting collaborators in their work, and their Manifestations series sets up a dialogue between the individual and their place in an increasingly culturally hegemonic order. This season tank.tv will also be showcasing work by Olga Chernysheva, Yevgeni Yufit, Anton Litvin, Natalia Pershina and Kirill Shuvalor, among other artists.

This exhibition has been produced in collaboration with Anya Stonelake of the White Space Gallery, London and Anna Kolossova and Maria Korosteleva of the National Centre for Contemporary Art, St Petersburg

Somerset House will be presenting the russian season on the 15 /16th of january 2005

check: http://tank.tv

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