[artinfo] film screenings 12/02 and 14/02

Kiss-Pál Szabolcs kspal at aramszu.net
Fri Feb 11 11:13:35 CET 2005

Invitation to two video screenings by Joanne Richardson,
D Media Association (http://www.d-media.tk)
Indymedia Romania (http://romania.indymedia.org)

>> On Saturday, 12 February, at 20:30, Nador utca 32

... as part of the evening program of the conference “Public Services,
Globalization and Sustainability” organized by Vedegylet / Protect the
Future. Entry to this screening is free, the rest of the conference,
however, is not, so if you are interested in the whole event you should
inquire about registration. For more info,
http://www.vedegylet.hu/conferences ...

M - E - G - A

Media Empires and Grassroots Alternatives, a program of short
documentaries and experimental videos. Who owns the media? How do
corporations use the media to sell privatization as the best of all
possible worlds? What’s the relation between propaganda and political
power? What would a truly “free” media mean?  What’s the relevance of the
free/open source movement?  Pundits, guerrilla broadcasters, and street
televisions present their take on the problem of media concentration … and
what you can do about it.

>> On Monday, 14 February, at 20:00, at Kuplung, Kiraly utca 46

... as part of the “Seattle to Brussels Network” social evening organized
by Vedegylet / Protect the Future.

>From the D Media video series, 2 shorts on nationalism, Romanian style:

“Folklore” - 35 min, 2004. Documentary about Funar, present day
nationalism in Romania and its ties to Ceausescu’s communist regime.
Interviews filmed in Cluj/Kolosvar and Budapest, mixed with footage from
the state archives. A video by Diana Balog, Eniko Nagy, Joanne Richardson
and Gabriela Torcatoru. In Romanian and Hungarian, with English subtitles.

“Paint it Romanian” - 11 min, 2004. A rhythmic montage of hundreds of
still photographs of tricolor objects from the 12 year nationalist mania
in Cluj/Kolosvar, mixed with reflective texts and experimental music. A
video by Diana Balog, Eniko Nagy, Joanne Richardson and Gabriela
Torcatoru. English subtitles.

These videos are part of a series of collaborations between D Media and
highschool students.

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