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Kishonthy Zsolt Chello kishonthy.zsolt at chello.hu
Wed Dec 7 18:26:12 CET 2005

Friese Europe - missionartline




In 2006 February the travelling exhibition Friese Europe arrives in Rome, after Budapest, Wien, Bratislava, Stuttgart, Paris and Berlin. We are looking for artist living in Rome, who would join our friese with their artworks. The exhibition will take place in the Hungarian Academy (Rome, Via Giulia 1.). The line started from Budapest with 60 works of 20 artist, and at the beginning it was only 16 meters long. In Wien it became 30 meters, and in Berlin the line was nearly 90 meters long and there were almost 300 piece of works, 100 artist, 6 cities, 14 nations. For now, only the capacity of the exhibition room sets a limit to the lenght of the friese-line. In each city 15-20 artists could join the friese with 3-3 pieces of standing, size A/4 artworks made on paper or cardboard. The works are being framed and exhibited by the host of the project, the MissionArt Gallery.

Photos: http://missionart.hu/english/artist.html?a_id=83&back=tarlat.html#

We're waiting for your registration, as it is possible with the photos of  artworks or address of websites. The exhibition is expectedly travelling to further cities of Europe.

miskolc at missionart.hu


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