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Tue Apr 26 08:45:40 CEST 2005

Call for propsals
deadline 31 July 2005
VideoChannel is looking for video works on the themes
"self-portrait" & "totalitarism"
to be included in its online collection on <a href="http://cinematheque.le-musee-divisioniste.org">Cinematheque</a> and the offline DVD collection
to be presented in the framework of the interactive installation of
<a href="http://rrf2005.newmediafest.org">[R][R][F]2005--->XP - global networking project</a>, as well as in selection for presentation on mediafestivals and exhibitions.
It is planned to select max 6-10 video works.

The thematic context is "self-portrait" & "totalitarism" in a narrow and wider sense.
The videos have to be submitted as digital files -Quicktime, Real Video or .aviDIVX compression for preview, or URL for preview or download, and the selected works will be requested to send as high quality videos as Quicktime or mpeg2DVD (PAL/NTSC) on CD or DVD (data) by snail mail.
The videos may have a running time between 1-5 minutes, exceptions possible.
Each artist can submit only one video for each theme.

Please use this form for submitting:

1.name of artist(s), email address(es), URL(s)
(in case of an artists collective plase credit all participants properly)
2. short biography/CV (not more than 300 words each)
3. 1 work/project only -->title, year of production
  a) type of media file
  b) URL  of the posted work online
  c) URL from where the project  file(s) can be downloaded
4. work description (story included, not more than 500 words)
5. screenshot (.jpeg, max. 800x600 px)
The submitter(s) declares and confirms
that he/she/they is/are holding all  rights on the submission
and give permission to include the submitted work
in "Cinematheque" online/offline environment until revoke.
Signed by (submitter)
Please send the complete submission to
mediacentre at le-musee-divisioniste.org
subject: VideoChannel "self-portrait"
or subject: VideoChannel "totalitarism"
Visit the online collection of VideoChannel
& http://rrf2005.newmediafest.org/vchannel.htm
and Selection 02 - a compilation of 20 streaming video works
online 24 hours 7 days a week
between 16 April and 16 July as part of
Hilchot Shchenim Chapter C -
New Media Exhibition at Digital Art Lab Holon/Israel
VideoChannel is a virtual and physical project environment
by Cinematheque
and [R][R][F] 2005 - global networking project
in the framework of
info & contact
info at nmartproject.net
technical requirements
DSL Internet connection
Flash7 plug-in

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