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	Terry Smith

What is world contemporary art now?


2005. május 4-én 18 órakor  kezdodo eloadására

a Magyar Képzomuvészeti Egyetem eloadótermébe. 
(Budapest, VI. ker. Andrássy út 69-71.)

What is world contemporary art now?

Now that it is at least a generation old, 
contemporary art has become official Contemporary 
Art in many contexts. Yet many questions remain 
about the nature of this development. How 
complete is the institutionalization of art in 
the metropolitan centres of art production and 
dissemination? Is official Contemporary Art 
anything more than the New Modern? Is some kind 
of modernism poised to make a comeback: if so, 
will it come or will it remain forever poised? 
What of the visual arts created outside and 
against the official framework: are they not more 
closely attuned to the new world disorder? Does a 
world perspective give us a different view of art 
in the conditions of contemporaneity? How have 
these debates shaped recent megaexhibitions, such 
as Documenta and the ubiquitous Biennales? Above 
all, to what extent are artists and other 
artworld transformers seeking appropriate ways to 
live individually and collectively in the 
conditions of contemporaneity? How suggestive are 
their explorations as models other aspects of 
contemporary life? This lecture will examine 
these questions in the framework of competing 
periodizations of Modernity, Postmodernity and 
contemporaneity, and with reference to the 
etymology of the "modern" and the "contemporary."

TERRY SMITH, Professor of Contemporary Art 
History and Theory in the Department of the 
History of Art and Architecture at the University 
of Pittsburgh.  He was a member of the Art & 
Language group (New York) and a founder of Union 
Media Services (Sydney). He is the author of a 
number of books, notably Making the Modern: 
Industry, Art and Design in America (University 
of Chicago Press, 1993). A foundation Board 
member of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, 
he is currently a Board member of the Andy Warhol 
Museum, Pittsburgh.

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