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Fri Apr 8 08:43:34 CEST 2005

The Casa-CittÓ Department of the Politecnico di Torino and Cluster present 
the international architecture workshop ToGame05, by RIEA.ch (Research 
Institute for Experimental Architecture).

The workshop will take place in Turin from 22nd of August 2005 thru 3rd of 
Spetember 2005, and will be conducted by Lebbeus Woods and Guy Lafranchi 
(RIEA.ch) with Lars Kordetzky and Corrado Curti. The workshop fee is 600 

The workshop will end with a final event open to the public, organised by 
Cluster in the club and art space AB+ in Turin, during the evnt the 
presentation of the projects will take place.

Torino is undergoing major changes. Connected to the fact that the city 
represents the location of the Olympic Winter Games 06, the urban tissue, 
the networks and the infrastructures are immediately confronted with 
transformation. The ToGame05 elaborates an architectural work in progress of 
interventions in connection with the issue of figure and flow, connected to 
the Olympics and the discipline called Urban-Freeflow. The Urban texture of 
Torino represents the Terrain of Performance, the Playground of the 

Infrastructure: tables, chairs. Lamps and photocopy machines will be 
provided. The participants are required to provide their own working 
equipment and material. Living accommodation are not included in the fee. 
However, a list of inexpensive lodging will be provided. A certificate will 
be awarded to each student who completes the workshop. The number of 
participants is limited to twenty and the application must be received by 
June 31st, 2005. Along with the application each student must submit a brief 
statement or work sample and curriculum vitae to:

RIEA.ch, Gewerbezentrum Vidmarhallen, K÷nizstrasse 161, CH-3097 

E-mail: office at riea.ch www.riea.ch (Research Institute for Experimental 

Coordinamento scientifico e organizzazione per RIEA ľ Research Institute for 
Experimental Architecture:
Guy Lafranchi, Lebbeus Woods
office at riea.ch www.riea.ch

Coordinamento scientifico e organizzazione per il Dipartimento Casa-CittÓ 
del Politecnico di Torino:
Piergiorgio Tosoni, Corrado Curti
corrado.curti at polito.it

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