[artinfo] Experimental Television Center International Summer Workshop

Hawkins, Pamela hawkinsp at alfred.edu
Wed Apr 6 21:59:46 CEST 2005

Experimental Television Center International Summer Workshop

May 25th - June 6th, 2005, Owego, NY

Unique opportunity to collaboratively explore every tool in the 
Experimental Television Center's (ETC) analog and digital, video and audio, 
open architecture studio.  The studio interconnects a hybrid tool set, 
inclusive of artist/engineer made image and audio processors and real time 
software such as jitter.  Please see www.ETCISW.com 
<http://www.etcisw.com/>  for more information about the workshop.  Also 
see www.experimentaltvcenter.org <http://www.experimentaltvcenter.org/>  to 
learn more about ETC.


The Experimental Television Center International Summer Workshop 2005 is a 
collaborative video and sonic arts opportunity, sponsored by the Center and 
the Institute for Electronic Arts (IEA). Undergraduate and graduate credit 
is available through the School of Art and Design at Alfred University. You 
don't need to be an enrolled student to participate.

Activities are balanced between the making and study of the electronic 
moving image. Lectures on technical aspects of equipment operation are 
supplemented with lab times for independent and collaborative art-making. 
There are study resources including a custom-designed book, which includes 
both technical and arts-related texts, as well as access to the Center's 
unique collection of video and new media works dating from the early 1970s 
to the present. Other activities include screenings and critiques of 
participants' works, collaborative art practices, as well as visiting 
artists' lecturers. Participants working in all genres will be encouraged 
to experiment and expand the boundaries of the many different approaches to 
video as a contemporary electronic arts medium.

The image processing system is a hybrid tool set, permitting the artist to 
create interactive relationships between older historically important 
analog instruments, and new digital technologies, and to explore boundaries 
and intersections within narrative, documentary and social issue traditions 
as well as more experimental forms.

The system is a unique integration of artists'-designed analog modules such 
as colorizers and image processors, as well as commercially available 
tools, and integrates both analog and computer-based components. The system 
includes several G4 computer systems; a customized Doepfer A-100 system 
with sonic and control modules; DVD authoring; and innovative new 
interactive software, including Max/MSP and Jitter.

     May 25 - June 5, 2005

     Experimental Television Center studio
     180 Front St.
     Owego, NY 13827 USA
     Office phone: (607) 687-4341
     Studio phone: (607) 687-1423

   $840 for 4 graduate or undergraduate credits
     $400 lab fee
     -- Hotel room and vegetarian meals included in the fee
     -- Students are responsible for travel, plus media & supplies (tape 
stock, cds, dvds)

     Pamela Susan Hawkins and Hank Rudolph

     Matthew Underwood, Monica Duncan and Annie Langan

Guest Lectures:
     Past visiting artists include Kristin Lucas, David Jones, Sara 
Hornbacher, Peer Bode, Andrew Deutsch, and Torsten Burns

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