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Applications for Experimental Film Makers and Animators
Dead-Line 31st December 2004
Dear Sir, Madame
We are in the process of selecting films 
from Experimental Film Makers and Animators for a 
programme to be shown at the National Film 
Theatre in London during June 2005. With Saatchi 
& Saatchi advertising agency in London
The requirements are that the applicants should 
be either the best of Final Year Degree Students 
or Masters Students and their work should be 
mature in concept and production.
This is a unique opportunity for the 
successful applicants work to be shown at the 
highly esteemed National Film Theatre and 
consequently we are considering films from around 
the world.
The Adjudication Panel will be Graham Evans from 
The University of Westminster, London; John 
Crossley from the University of the Arts, London 
and Stewart Brown from the National Film Theatre, 
We would appreciate it if you would circularise 
this e-mail to the appropriate heads of 
departments of your top Universities that 
specialise in Media, in order for them to propose 
applicants they consider suitable.
The work is required to be presented in MiniDV 
format and should be sent complete with a CV and 
University Head of Department reference to:
1 The Cottages
The Cedars
The Common
Rachel Mangaya
Artists Liaison Partner
Tel: +44 (0)208 950 5518

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