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                          M/C - Media and Culture
              is calling for contributors to a feature issue of

                                 M/C Reviews

                          Objection or Obstruction:
             The Culture of Protest in the Twenty-First Century
                  Co-editors: Jodi Crome and Kate Cuthbert

M/C Reviews is looking for new contributors. M/C Reviews is an ongoing
series of reviews of events in culture and the media. It includes the
themed sections 'events', 'screens', 'sounds', 'style', and 'words'
which publish reviews as they come to hand. It also publishes feature issues,
themed groups of reviews centring on a particular cultural event,
category, or genre. In line with M/C Reviews' general rationale that 
the diverse
productions of media and culture demand a more comprehensive type of
review forum than other fields, the aim of the feature issues is to provide a
space for reflecting upon key cultural phenomena in their various
aspects and from different angles, sometimes conflicting ones. This breaks
through the normal drawback of reviews - i.e. that they usually come 
in ones and
present monological visions. The whole concept arises from the unique
characteristics of electronic publishing - its short production cycles
and abundance of publication space allow plural and timely treatments 
of relevant issues.

          M/C Reviews is now calling for articles on the topic of
                         "Objection or Obstruction:
             The Culture of Protest in the Twenty-First Century"

Throughout the twentieth century, protest has been instrumental in 
revealing weaknesses in social, political, and environmental 
foundations. In the last twelve months, protest documentaries such as 
Fahrenheit 9/11 and The President vs. David Hicks have foregrounded 
once again the ability of protest to bring salient socio-political 
issues and concepts to greater public attention. However, the potency 
of protest has also spurred debates over its effectiveness as a tool 
for social change: can protest educate, or can it only coerce?

Today's heightened political environment - springing from inquiries 
into the Iraq war, questions about choices made in the Middle-East, 
and elections on both sides of the Pacific - has reawakened the 
protest debate. We would like to examine the concept of the protest 
and its potential success or failure in the twenty-first century.

M/C Reviews would like to invite contributions for a feature on 
protests. Possible topics include, but should not be limited to:

  * Channels of protest
  * The evolution of protests
  * Apathy and the desertion of protestors
  * Michael Moore and the radical left
  * How to protest effectively
  * The influence of Art on public opinion
  * Popular music and social conscience
  * The protestor as villain/hero
  * The use of key media as protest tools
  * Use of key media to counter protest
  * The protest documentary
  * Reviews of: Fahrenheit 9/11, Super-size Me, The President vs. 
David Hicks and other relevant protest pieces.

We will publish short essays and thought-pieces of 600-1000 words. 
Longer works will not be accepted. All submissions should be made 
through the M/C Reviews Website. Questions or comments can be 
directed to protest at reviews.media-culture.org.au.

                        Jodi Crome and Kate Cuthbert, feature issue editors

protest at reviews.media-culture.org.au

Article deadline:     1 October 2004
Issue release date:   5 November 2004

M/C Reviews is online at <http://reviews.media-culture.org.au/>.
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                                             Dr Axel Bruns

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