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drew hemment dh at loca-lab.org
Mon Oct 4 09:10:37 CEST 2004

Announcement and Call For Proposals


A new international and interdisciplinary research network in pervasive
media and locative media has been funded as part of the Engineering and
Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Culture & Creativity
programme. The network will bring together practicing artists, technology
developers and ethnographers with the aim of advancing interdisciplinary
understanding and building consortia for future collaborative projects.

The network will stage three major gatherings. Each gathering will have a
distinct form and focus: an initial workshop to launch the network and
assess the state of the art; a technology summer camp for artists and
technologists, including hands-on prototyping sessions using the
facilities at Nottingham's Mixed reality Laboratory; and a major public
conference and participatory exhibition as a central component of the
Futuresonic 2006 festival in Manchester; as well as a supporting web site
and other resources.


Submissions are invited to the first of these events, a two day public
workshop with papers, demos and discussion sessions. The aim of the event
is to launch the network, review the state of the art, bring key players
in the field together, and make initial contacts. The event will also aim
to identify a range of specific interests that can lead to the formation
of sub-groups within the network. Position papers and a summary report
will subsequently be published on the network web site.

The workshop will take place in London over two days in the week
beginning 24th January 2005. Venue and final dates announced soon.

Please send submissions to ben at open-plan.org by Monday 8th November.

We request that participants seek support for travel and subsistence from
their institutions. For participants without institutional affiliation
the network shall support applications to funding councils and
foundations, please contact us for further details.


Pervasive and Locative Arts Network (PLAN) - Enhancing Mobile and
Wireless Technologies for Culture and Creativity

This network will draw together computer scientists and engineers who are
leading the field in developing pervasive and locative technologies;
artists who are using these technologies to create and publicly deploy
innovative and provocative experiences; social scientists with a proven
track record of studying interactive installations and performances;
industrial partners from the creative industries, spanning the arts,
television, games, education, heritage, mobile computing and
telecommunications sectors; and international partners who are
coordinating parallel networks around the world.


The network aims to support the formation of a new interdisciplinary
research community to investigate how the convergent fields of pervasive
media and locative media need to evolve in order to support future
cultural and creative activities. Specific network objectives are:
-To review the scope of the research that is currently being carried out
in these fields through a focused workshop, leading to an integrated
=91state of the art=92 survey paper.
-To identify the key research issues that need to be addressed in order
to further develop pervasive and locative media to support culture and
creativity, leading to a series of discussion =91white papers=92.
-To seed future projects by bringing artists, scientists and industry
together in a creative environment so that they can generate and
practically explore new ideas, and also to provide a forum for publicly
demonstrating some of these.
-To produce online and offline resources to support researchers, artists,
industry and to promote public understanding of this emerging

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