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Marina Grzinic margrz at zrc-sazu.si
Mon Nov 29 20:08:50 CET 2004


/ /  T E C H N O M Y T H O L O G I E S   /

We wish to announce the launch of 
TECHNOMYTHOLOGIES, our third issue. An 
investigation into the myths of
technology and the technologies of myths - it 
creates a marking of changes in our artistic and 
cultural paradigms.

This issue and those previous, can be found here: http://artefact.mi2.hr/

We welcome your comment and continuing input as 
we begin to focus on the fourth issue, edited by 
Zoran Eric, curator and art critic based in 
Belgrade. Our topic outline and invitation for 
your participation, is included below.

Warmest Regards,

Marina Grzinic, Guest Editor, issue 03
Zoran Eric, Guest Editor, issue 04
Antonia Majaca, Editor-in-Chief, ART-e-FACT

You can contact us at any of the following emails:
margrz at zrc-sazu.si, ericz at sbb.co.yu, am at miroslav-kraljevic.hr

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/ /  G L O C A L / O G U E   /  ISSUE 04

/ /  Guest Editor, Zoran Eric  /
/ /  Call for contributions   /

The field of interest of ART-e-FACT's fourth 
issue is the amalgam of the global and the local.

We wish to focus on the mutation of the globalization process, modes of
surpassing local confinements of cultural and artistic fields,
investigation and articulation of glocal/borderline topics and
practices which do not necessarily generate new narratives, but place
the already existing/local ones into a global context.

What is it that determines successful models of integration of the
local into the global, as well as strategies used in a struggle for
universal recognition and visibility? Are there really new localisms
being made before globalization can destroy them, as according to Bruno
Latour? How do we distinguish legitimate from illegitimate glocal
annexes? What is 'big' and what is 'small' and are these categories
defined exclusively by the criteria of integration with the rest of the world?

How do such phenomena, including a universal nomadization of all who
participate in these new cultural dynamics (artists, curators,
architects,...), reflect on design, architecture, urban iconography,
and a generic appearance of cities?

What defines the new glocalities and what are the cohesive factors in
shaping the complex glocal/transnational configuration?

Finally, we are interested in the possibility of creating a dynamic
glocal forum and a regional network based on dialogue (glocalogue),
intercity network of cultural nomads, leading to a new balance of the
local and the global.

The call for contributions is open to various 
modes of articulating the topic of the 
1. theoretical texts and critical reflections
2. short statements by artists, activists, critics
3. artworksă e.g. short video and film inserts, 
photography, internet or web projects
4. political and economic manifestos, or simply a 
list of suggested links to interesting projects 
on the internet, dedicated to this subject.

Application deadline is February 1st, 2005.

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