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Wed Nov 3 16:00:44 CET 2004

Call for participation

RAM7 - Models of Collaboration
deadline  15  January 2005

hosted by  Minsk Centre for Innovative Practice in collaboration with 
CRAC and RAM-Network

RAM7 - Models of Collaboration will take place in Minsk 5-9 March 2005.
Minsk, where is it? Why in Minsk?
Belarus exists in the state of permanent isolation, but whether
isolation in the world of network technologies is possible?
RAM7 will play a role of temporary multi-disciplinary platform where
local and global, hidden and evident, main stream and marginal aspects
of New Media culture will meet. The aim of this workshop is to
stimulate the process of active learning, exchange of ideas,
information and energy between _hidden place_ and Network
The starting points are: to provide an opportunity for independent
researchers and practitioners to explore current local problems, and
initiatives;  to learn the international experience for modifying
existing situation by analyzing different models of multidiciplinary
The workshop will focus on studying examples of collaboration models,
and will pay more intensive attention on topics related to network
based/self-organized educational attempts and art & science
During RAM7 workshop we plan to test and use mobile phone technologies,
internet-works and more. Presentations and theory lectures will be open
for public.
A program of tutorials will cover topics: working group for
Anti-University development (self-organized educational attempts);
working group for investigation of art&science collaboration; working
group, focusing on experiments in collective authorship.

We need your help and participation. We are looking for internationally
recognized experienced experts willing to share experiences in the next themes:
- Anti-Universities. Self-organized Educational Attempts
- Art and Science. Organizations, projects, strategies.
- Open source, Social Networking Software
- Theory of collaboration
- Collective authorship- interactive art forms that focus on 
relationships between participants.

The participants will have to pay their own travel and accommodation.

Please email to minskram at f-m.fm

Nils Claesson
Tatiana Tushina
Denis Romanovski
Dmitri Plax
   minskram at f-m.fm

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