[artinfo] RESPAM - Net art platform launched

UCSD tjaeger at ucsd.edu
Wed Nov 3 15:56:47 CET 2004

"Send us your spam!"


R E S P A M   [dot]  C O M

RESPAM (http://www.respam.com) is a net art platform for the collection,
implementation, and cultural integration of unwanted, abject data in the
form of solicitous messages (heretofore referred to as spam) by artists
Alex Dragulescu and Timothy Jaeger.

In an age of unparalleled digital communication, spam accounts for up to
65% of all email. Research into this phenomenon is taking place all over the
world as spam threatens to turn the once utopian cyberlandscape into an
abyss of junk emails, adverts, and attempts on the part of the spammers
to harvest individuals=B9 data for malicious use.

RESPAM as a project is multifold.  The first is to populate a large
database over a number of years with junk emails.  These will be used for data
visualizations, audio-visual multimedia performances, and other online
work. The second is to act as a resource for others working in and around this
field:  spam filters, legislation, and art are just a few of these
various disciplines that RESPAM serves to amplify.   The third is an 
tool:  we encourage you to send us your spam to  submit at respam.com  and
grow the database. There are instructions on how to do this for different
operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux), and there are tools and methods
in development to access your newly sent data.

RESPAM is planning performances and presentations at various sites for
the upcoming future.  Stay tuned, or to receive news, send your e-mail
address to: postmaster at repsam.com

submit at respam.com  |   spam us
postmaster at respam.com  |  comments and questions


RESPAM is generously supported by THING.NET, CRCA (Center for Research
in Computing and the Arts, University of California, San Diego), Cal-(IT)2.

Individuals who are instrumental in making this happen include Darrel
of The Thing, and Sheldon Brown, New Media Arts Layer of Cal-(IT)2 and
Director for CRCA.



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