[artinfo] Punk! Kongress, Kassel/Germany, Sept 22-26, 2004

Inke Arns inke.arns at snafu.de
Mon May 31 19:20:17 CEST 2004

Punk! Kongress
September 22 - 26, 2004 in Kassel
4 Days and 4 Nights
Discussion + Live Acts + Films + Readings + Exhibition


Punk is and always was more than just a music style or a passing
fashion. Within the last three decades, the Punk culture has
established itself as a decisive component within the contemporary
culture, with big influences on fashion, art, advertising and
literature. But what exactly is Punk, where are its roots, which
meaning did it have in its various places of origin and and to which
point has it developed itself until today?

It`s high time that theoreticians, experts, pioneers and activists on
Punk come together in one place to exchange their points of view and
their experiences. As this should not end up in a bloodless, pop
historical discussion we also want to have a look at today`s Punk.

Well-known Punk protagonists like Legs Mc Neil (Punk Magazine,
"Please kill me"), Sex Pistols` manager Malcolm Mc Laren, Mark Perry
(Alternative TV, Sniffin` Glue Fanzine), Marty Thau (Red Star Label,
Real Kids and Suicide) or Igor Basin (Slovenia) will talk and discuss
about development, philosophy and substance of Punk, its traces in
the mainstream culture and its current influences.

Rocket From The Tombs (pre-Pere Ubu, pre Dead Boys), the Pagans,
Alternative TV and some more valuable live acts from home and abroad
will provide a wide spectrum of entertainment.

Current, rare and legendary Punk films, exhibitions and a small fair
will round off the first international Punk! Kongress.

More informations soon or send an email to info at punk2004.de


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