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Mon May 31 14:22:17 CEST 2004

Net Art Review is looking for contributing writers.

Contact: Lora McPhail at editor at netartreview.net
Eduardo Navas at info at netartreview.net

Net Art Review (http://www.netartreview.net ) has 
been online for over a year and is glad to still 
be going strong.  We, the netKru, would like to 
invite members of online communities to join us.  
Writing in other languages other than English is 

Current netKru:

Lora McPhail -- Editor in Chief (Los Angeles, CA)

Eduardo Navas -- Founder/Contributing Editor/ 
Webmaster (Los Angeles/San Diego, CA)
Yong S. Kim -- Copy Editor (Los Angeles, CA)
Garrett Lynch -- Information Architecture 
Developer/Contributing Writer (Kent, UK)
Garland Kirkpatrick -- Design Consultant (Santa Monica, CA)

Contributing Writers :
Ana Boa-Ventura (Austin, TX)
Neil Jenkins (Bristol, UK)
Lewis LaCook (Richmond, VA)
Peter Luining (Amsterdam, NL)
Francesca De Nicolò (Rome, IT)
Kristen Palana (Brooklyn, NY)
Isabel Saij (Paris, FR)
Ludmil Trenkov (Pasadena, CA)

If you are interested in opining, critiquing or 
simply sharing your ideas about works of art in 
the field of net art and its crossover to new 
media, then become a contributing writer and join 
our netKru.

Net Art Review focuses on net-art and its 
crossover to other new media fields. The purpose 
of the site is to provide a space for sharing 
links to net-art works that contributing writers 
find interesting; these include actual net-art 
projects, exhibition opportunities, as well as 
online resources.

Net Art Review was founded on a community based 
approach, which means that anyone can become a 
contributing writer. If a person has the time to 
comment, and shows a strong understanding of new 
media and net art, then we welcome the writing, 
as long as the contributor respects the posting 
guidelines (http://netartreview.net/faqs.html ).

For details please contact Lora McPhail at 
editor at netartreview.net or Eduardo Navas at 
info at netartreview.net

We hope to hear from you


Garrett at asquare.org

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