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Thu May 27 11:58:55 CEST 2004

Time.Space.Movement: unplugged

Time.Space.Movement (TSM) is an annual performance festival, 
founded in 1997, in a small town called Paide in the middle of Estonia, 
EU (see www.aegruum.ee). 

TSM 2004 takes place on the10th of July from 3–3.30 p.m., during half 
an hour in the central square of Paide. All performances are 
performed at the same time and same place. It is a low-tech and low-
budget event.

The aim of such arrangement is to bring back into the performance art 
the natural and live power emerging not from the electricity distribution
network but from the art itself. With minimum material supplies the 
maximum result will be gained. All different performances together 
form a huge collective performance.

If you are interested to take part, please register your performance at:
before the 15th of June.

Organizers guarantee for artists
*   financial support about 60 € (depending on the number of 
    performers and fundraising success) 
*   dinner 
*   entry to the afterparty 
*   possibility to stay overnight in a romantic castle tower with 
    own sleeping bag

Organizers do not guarantee
-	travel expenses
-	electricity
-	video or sound systems
-	other expensive and complicated machines and apparatuses
-	expenses of materials

Depending on the project it is possible to help with simple stuff like
furniture, tools etc, as well as travel expenses depending on the 
Embassy of the performer’s country or cultural institute in Estonia.

All powerful performance artists - Welcome !

Mari Sobolev
Academia Grata 
+ 372 51 14 038

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