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Fri May 14 17:04:58 CEST 2004

Place: New Media Center - kuda.org

Sunday 16.05.2004.
time: 20:00h


Talkaoke - Centraleuropean tour

Talkaoke is a mobile, battery-operated chat-show. The host sits in 
the middle of the doughnut-shaped table, guests sit around the edges, 
the conversation begins and the UFO of chat is launched! Absolutely 
anything can happen, apart from two things: no singing, and no 
punch-ups. The conversation is streamed live to the internet, where 
online talkaokeists can participate in the conversation by email or 

Talakoke team are Saul Albert and Michael Weinkove from London. 
Talkaoke is part of 'The People Speak!', EU enlargement tour 2004.



Reader, Trans_European Picnic: The Art and Media of Accession

On the occasion of the Trans_European Picnic that was held in Novi 
Sad, April 29-May 1, kuda.org - Center for New Media published, a 
miscellany of works on the subjects of arts and media in accession.


Reader, Trans_European Picnic: The Art and Media of Accession
Published by Futura publikacije and kuda.org, Center for New Media 
Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro
Series: kuda.read

Editorial team: kuda.org, Nat Muller (NL), Stephen Kovats (V2_Institute, NL)
ISBN 86-7188-019-2
127 pages
Price: 15 EUR (not including shipment costs)
Contact: office at kuda.org

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