[artinfo] PSY.GEO.CONFLUX 2004, NYC, May 13-16, 2004

David Mandl dmandl at panix.com
Sat May 15 19:33:56 CEST 2004

New York City, May 13-16, 2004

Glowlab is pleased to announce Psy.Geo.Conflux 2004, the second in an 
annual series dedicated to current artistic and social investigations 
in psychogeography (the study of the effects of the geographic 
environment on the emotions and behavior of individuals). Part 
festival and part conference, it brings visual and sound artists, 
writers, urban adventurers and the public together to explore the 
physical and psychological landscape of the city.

Partial list of events:

WiFiKu :: Julian Bleecker: A drift through New York City 
neighborhoods to discover the names people give to their WiFi nodes 
and to construct haiku using these found SSID names.

Footprint Mapping :: Noriyuki Fujimura: An attempt to create a 
digital map of streets and public spaces by gathering "footprints" of 
participants in the project; a DIY-style digital mapping system 
consisting of a cheap pedometer, digital compass, microprocessor, 
webcam and laptop computer, set on a custom-made backpack for 
participants to wear.

Human Scale Chess Game :: Sharilyn Neidhardt: A cell phone-directed 
chess game played in real
time, with humans acting as the pieces and the street grid of Times 
Square as the chess board.

A complete schedule, event details, links to participants, and 
contact information: http://www.psygeocon.org.

New York Times and Village Voice articles on the 2003 Conflux:

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