[artinfo] EAST SILVER 2004

melentie mpandil at soros.org.mk
Wed May 5 13:46:50 CEST 2004

Dear friends,

We would like to invite you to participate in a new and ambitious project, 
named EAST SILVER - Central and Eastern European documentary film fair. The 
project will be a part of the prestigious 8th year of the International 
Documentary Film Festival Jihlava, the only one of its kind in Central 
Europe, which will take place between October 26 and 31, 2004.

The objective of the EAST SILVER project is to provide a detailed mapping 
of Central and Eastern European documentary films produced in years 2003 
and 2004 by means of establishing a functional and open video library and 
to present this library to as many film professionals as possible - be they 
TV stations representatives, festival people or film 
producers/co-producers. The video library, which will be fully accessible 
during the course of the festival, will be accompanied by an easy to use 
and carefully prepared catalog.

This project will be closely followed by EAST SILVER CARAVAN, a companion 
project within which the video library will be offered to our partner 
festivals, making it possible for hundreds more film professionals to 
discover your newest documentaries.

The East Silver and East Silver Caravan projects aim to be a strong 
incentive for independent producers, film professionals and critics. We 
believe that you will help us and that we all will succeed in building a 
unique source of remarkable movies from Central and Eastern Europe. Please 
feel free to forward this letter to any of your colleagues who might want 
to take part in these projects.

         Looking forward to cooperating with you

Michala Poho_elá
East Silver Manager


Films eligible for submission in the EAST SILVER project must comply with 
the following conditions:
1/ The film has to be a free standing work (no TV series are accepted)
2/ The film must be produced in year 2003 or 2004
3/ The original of the film has to be shot on professional format (35mm, 
Beta SP or Digital Betacam)

Send us:
1/ Filled in entry form
    (Send back in electronic form to simatko at dokument-festival.cz)
2/ VHS tape or DVD in English version, with English subtitles or with 
English dialogue list
3/ Promotional materials for the film

Deadline: June 15,  2004 / Postage timestamp is critical
(In case your movie will be finished during the summer, it is possible to 
arrange an individual date of submission - but it will still have to be 
prior to June 15.)

V__ní 10
CZ - 586 01 JIHLAVA

Mark your envelope with EAST SILVER in the upper right corner

It is good to know that:
- by submitting your film in the East Silver project, it gets automatically 
submitted to the Jihlava IDFF 2004 schedule
- there is no submission fee
- we will keep you posted about the news in the East Silver project and the 
schedule and special events at the Jihlava IDFF 2004
- after the festival is over, we will send you a report on the audiences of 
your film, including reactions and contacts

Michala Poho_elá / East Silver Manager
E-mail: simatko at dokument-festival.cz
Mobile phone: +420 603 181 612

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