[artinfo] New Cinema and Low Art Series Callout: NFF 04: Technography

malcolm malcolm at capitalmag.com
Wed May 5 10:23:31 CEST 2004

elow are the Cinema and Low Art Event Callouts for NFF 04:

The New Forms Festival is an annual event highlighting emerging forms at
the junction of art, culture and technology. It includes performances,
panel discussions, workshops, and interactive exhibits on contemporary
Media Arts issues. The NFF environment encourages new forms of Media Art
to be created, experienced, and understood. NFF04 will be held in
Vancouver, BC, from =A0October 14 to 28, 2004. The theme is TECHNOGRAPHY:
the inscription of culture in technology.

NFF04: TECHNOGRAPHY is a forum to explore and embody these inscriptions
in the form of artistic expression and discourse.

NFF04: TECHNOGRAPHY looks at the ways in which cultures inhabit and
transform media spaces and technologies.

NFF04:TECHNOGRAPHY will bring together practitioners and theorists from
across grassroots, gallery academy and academic contexts and provide a
platform for conversations among the diverse voices of contemporary
digital regionalism.

NFF04: TECHNOGRAPHY programming incorporates the principles found
within an ecological model of the cultural sphere: complexity, =
variety and balance. Like nature, culture is also a changing phenomenon,
affected by the ways in which technology inhabits the environment and
relates to it.


Low Artists and New Cinema Creators may apply by June 1st, 2004.

We ask artists/researchers to demonstrate the following:

A strong portfolio of media arts pieces that demonstrate their
ability and involvement in the New Media Arts community - although
emerging artists are encouraged to apply.

* Computer knowledge
* Basic knowledge of Media Arts processes (e.g. digital audio or
video,electronic formats)
* Strong artistic quality
* Interest in the themes of the festival

--> Applications must be submitted via the online form at
--> Due to limited resources we are only able to review submissions
written in English.
--> Supporting documents: Audiovisual, photographic and written media
must be submitted via the online application form at

All submissions will be reviewed by the Festival Programming Committee
and those chosen will be contacted by July 15, 2004.

Cinema 04 / Experimental Culture
Curators: Malphunktion and NomIg
In recognition of the invaluable role cinema has played in the
development and creation of global culture, and the inherent integration
of technology within the genre, NFF 2004 is seeking innovative works
which express a desire to investigate the crossroads of culture and
technology.  Artists working in unique and innovative directions in: the
integration of sound and vision; technology and cinema; narrative (or
distinct lack thereof); documentary; experiments in the artist's medium
of choice (i.e. film, dv, video); innovative ...

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