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Ile Cvetkoski uber at scca.org.mk
Tue May 4 12:17:36 CEST 2004

Dear friends,
you still have time for applying on the exhibition we organise this
month. so if you are interested please contact us asap. There will be
several parties so music acts are invited too.


 From May 16 until May 30 the Congress "CODED CULTURES" will take place in the
"Freiraum" of MuseumsQuartier Vienna in Austria. For two weeks the ways
of origination and reality design of various artists and art groups
shall be demonstrated on hand of workshops and an exhibition, whereas a
new approach towards digital art in the 21.century will be acquired
beyond its technical background.

5uper.net asks for submissions of artists and theoreticians which work in 
the field of
electronic, digital- as well as computer based arts. Due to low budget
we are only able to offer the artist and speakers accomodation -
sponsoring of any kind is very welcome.

Submissions and proposals for possible cooperations for the 3 below 
mentioned fields
should be sent via email to codedcultures-call[AT]5uper.net or to our
postal adress

MuseumsQuartier Vienna
"coded cultures"
Quartier21/ Electric Avenue
Museumsplatz 1
1070 vienna

Young medial art, media- art and conceptional art from eastern and western 
of the last 20 years will be shown in the "Freiraum" in MuseumsQuartier
Vienna, presented by the well known slovenian curator Dunja Kukovec.

accepted works are
* interactive works
* installation
* web art
* Video
or any other kind of related digital works.

Artistic work selected for inclusion in the exhibition will be presented to 
an international
audience of peers, critics, producers, academics, local industry
partners and the broader public.

Parallel to the exhibition there will be a complementary, theoretical as 
well as interactive line-up.
It should help to decode and reflect upon the ways of origination and
the perception of various artists and art groups, who either are or have
been active in the aforementioned fields.

Speeches, artists or artist-group presentations, presentations of 
organizations or
demonstrations of digital work will be accepted.

Several workshops will take place during Coded Cultures. These will picture 
the tools
and methods of digital art and progressvive projects.

Workshops in the field of digital art and tools for the production of 
digital content, as
well as the topic of distributing art will be accepted.

Artistic work is coded on behalf of different cultural backgrounds, 
cultural connotations
and (visual) symbolism. These codes will be pointed out and compared.
The aim is to make the "art of the new media" apprehend- and
experiencable. Apart from the technical approach, narrative elements,
interaction and transparency are of importace to the viewer. The term of
"digital art" will be discussed- the ways of creation, perception,
aesthetics and norms will be reflected upon and decoded. Artists and the
interested audience shall be brought together in the open forum Coded
Cultures: the contemporary situation of digital forms of expression is
to be illustrated, new ways and possibilities in these disciplines to be
found and the discussion about digital art shall be stimulated.

Cvetkoski Ile
5uper.net - research, develop and interlink media, art and technology
MuseumsQuartier Vienna, Quartier21/ Electric Avenue,
Museumsplatz 1
1070 Vienna

private: ile at ile.be
icq: 4501883

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