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Tue May 4 05:15:18 CEST 2004

May tank.tv open call

tank.tv is a gallery on the web showing exciting Films and videos by 
artists and film makers. www.tank.tv

New on tank.tv this month are some brilliant short films and videos by 
established artists like John Smith, a couple of sequences of the Saddest 
Music In the world by Film maker Guy Maddin also reviewed in the TANK 
magazine issue number 10 / May and many more great pieces!
This month is about noticing small things around us so please take a close 

Also tank.tv is open for SUBMISSIONS, so let us see what you are upto

The only criteria is that they should be no shorter than 3 seconds and not 
longer than 3 minutes. 3 is the magic number. We are looking for people's 
ideas not track record, we are interested if you are picking up a camera 
for the first time or are a Hollywood legend already. We only accept 
submissions via e-mail or post on mini dv or quick time CDs. All 
submissions should be accompanied by a printed and signed submission form. 
To obtain a form please go to: http://tank.tv/submissions.asp

Send your films, or videos to:
49-50 great marlborough street
London W1F 7JR
United Kingdom

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