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Subject: 2nd International DOM Conference in Linz/Austria

Topographies of Populism:
Everyday Life, Media, and the City

2nd International DOM-Conference in Linz
March 25th to 27th, 2004
Ars Electronica Center Linz and University of Arts and Industrial Design/Linz

Is popular architecture obliged to reflect the clients taste?
Has a successful Design to be in line with the popular will?
And, what determines trends and expectations of a population?

Internationally well known speakers - e.g. Diller+Scofidio(USA), Bill Moggridge/IDEO (UK), Greg van Alstyne/Bruce Mau Design (CDN), Jeffrey Inaba/AMO (USA), Thomas Frank (USA) - from Cultural Theory, Media, Design and Architecture will focus on these questions at the forthcoming DOM Conference.

Information and registration: www.dom.ufg.ac.at

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